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        Board of Trustees

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        The Business Professionals of America Board of Trustees is comprised of a talented group of educators, organization and community leaders, and professionals that are dedicated to Mission and Vision of our organization. The Board of Trustees comprises of 13 voting members and two non-voting ex-officio members.

        Meeting regularly throughout the year the Board of Trustees manages all affairs of Business Professionals of America. For questions or comments, you may reach the BPA Board of Trustees via email at: board@bpa.org.

        Learn more about the responsibilities of BPA Board members by accessing the Board Member Responsibilities document.



        Executive Officers  

        Cedric Bandoh - Chair, Business Representative

        Symone Gamble - Vice Chair, Alumni Representative

        Mark Burch - Treasurer, State Advisor

        Debbie Darnell - Secretary, At-Large






        Board Members 

        Dominica Chavez - Secondary National President

        Dr. Nathaniel Cradit - At Large

        Athena Frank - Post-secondary Level Advisor

        Amy Hollingsworth - Middle Level Advisor

        Skylar McArthur - Post-secondary National President

        Natasha Smith - Secondary Level Advisor

        David Watkins - National Business Advisory Council Representative

        Diana Weber - State Advisor

        Shauna Williams - State Supervisor


        Dr. LouAnn Ross - Executive Director (Ex-officio) 

        Patrick Schultz - Immediate Past Chair (Ex-officio)



        BPA Board of Trustees Nominations

        Each year, the Nominations Committee of the Board of Trustees opens up the nominations process for open positions on the Board. These positions are open on a rotational basis and vary as to the number up for consideration at each year's annual corporate meeting. Those elected will each serve a three (3) year term beginning in May of each year elections are held.

        If you have interest in board service but would like to learn more about the process, roles, and responsibilities, questions can be directed to board@bpa.org. Nominations are required by mid-march of each year and nominees are required to accept their nomination no later than the end of March annually.

        Nomination form: https://goo.gl/forms/tl0Xgsvr37nV7mk72
        Nominee acceptance and information form: https://goo.gl/forms/8IkbSHBVtprWyxVm1


        Strategic & Long Range Plan 

        The Board of Trustees has provided an electronic version of the organization’s Strategic and Long Range Plan. Reviewed regularly by the SLRP Committee, this document includes measurable, realistic, attainable but challenging, long-term goals and strategies for the organization.  This document is made available to communicate the organization’s goals, the actions needed to achieve those goals and critical elements developed during the planning phase.

        Strategic & Long Range Plan (2017-2022)




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