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          Classroom Educators Advisory Council

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          The Classroom Educators Advisory Council (CEAC) serves as a liaison between Business Professionals of America advisors and its Board of Trustees. Its purpose is to promote the objectives of the Business Professionals of America programs, establish and monitor effective Workplace Skills Assessment Program competitive events, serve as a clearinghouse for suggested improvements and changes pertaining to competitive events and ensure that their State Association is informed of currently adopted Workplace Skills Assessment Program guidelines.

          The Classroom Educators Advisory Council is responsible for updating and revising the Competitive Events Guidelines, Style & Reference Manual and the Human Resources Manual of the WSAP, as well as for performing reviews and audits of individual competitive events, developing and updating the guidelines for authors, auditors, administrators, proctors and judges and researching emerging business practices and recommend additions and deletions to the Workplace Skills Assessment Program, including alignment with National Standards and workplace validation.

          The membership of CEAC includes one Middle level, one Secondary level and one Post-secondary representative from each affiliated state.



          CEAC Members


          Chad Eichenlaub, Secondary

          Robert Schumacher, Finance

          LaQuanda Paschal, Secondary

          Marie Campbell, Business Administration
          Mindy Lincoln, Management, Marketing, & Communication

          Juliann Boudouris, Management, Marketing, & Communication

          Chad Bobb, Management, Marketing, & Communication
          Amy Hollingsworth, Middle Level

          Shelly Duwa, Business Administration
          Trisha Hopper, Management, Marketing, & Communication

          Christie Ramsey, Finance
          Jeremy Willig, Post-secondary

          Lynn DiSimoni, Finance

          Patrick Schultz, Management Information Systems, Digital Communication & Design
          Melanie Tomaski, Middle Level

          Tyler Shepard, Management Information Systems
          Barb Struck, Business Administration

          Chad Eichenlaub, Business Administration

          New Mexico
          Terry Carrera, Secondary

          Michael Pozega, Management Information Systems
          John Stalcup, Finance
          Joe Spangler, Management Information Systems

          Roberta Sams, Digital Communication & Design
          Athena Frank, Post-secondary
          Penny Lovell, Business Administration

          South Carolina

          Jan McClintock, Managment Information Systems
          Jaye Simpson, Finance
          Kelly Munro, Digital Communication & Design
          Brooke Martin, Middle Level
          Kalwenda Nelson-Lott, Middle Level

          Dianne Carroll, Business Administration

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