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          Bowie High School BPA

          Chapter News

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          A magical journey that has never been told before. A story about love, revenge, and freedom. 


          BPA STATE CONFERENCE 02/28/18-03/3/18 

          BPA Texas held the State Leadership Conference in Corpus Christi this year. Our local chapter brought 31 students to compete in events. The conference lasted 4 days and the chapter took home 12 plaques meaning those who won them all advanced to go to nationals in Dallas in May. 


          Social Media Etiquette

           The BPA officer team created a committee dedicated in researching and creating a powerpoint about Social Media Etiquette. Using the Next Step Academy course over "Social Media Etiquette", the committee made the slideshow including information about profesional image on social media and the impact it has on an individual.  it was presented during the meething in February and lasted 10 minuntes long. The audience watching the presentation was given a survery shortly after about what they learned. The results where very positive as everyone was commenting about how they enjoyed it.

          BPA WEEK CHALLENGE #BPAWeekchallenge 


          The chapter chose to create a poster that would advertise BPA as an organization as well as a local chapter within our school.


          The chapter dressed professionally at the chapter meeting where we took pictures after to document the event.


          We created a wacky activity to do with the chapter. This involved the chapter in creating a fun Kahoot! Game about basic BPA Information such as Torch Awards and BPA Cares.



          The chapter decided to bring in canned goods to donated to our local food bank bringing in over 30 cans .It was also the BPA Tweet-A-Thon #BPAALLDAY, the chapter sent all our opinions and thoughts about the special moments in BPA and their excitement for future leadership conferences on twitter @bowiebpa.



          The chapter spent the afternoon after school to attend bowling.

          BPA REGIONAL CONFERENCE 01/27/18



          December 2, 2017- our members attended the Fall Leadership Conference at Dubiski Career Highschool to build their skills. 

          Social Media Essentials and College Admissions for Business Professionals of America

           BPA SOCIAL WEEK #BPASocial 

           Media Monday

          Novemeber 13, 2017- our  members picking up trash from the local creek to promote being eco-friendly within our community.


          Texan Tuesday

          November 14, 2017- our members along with officers dressed up in their texan apparel to promote the National Leadership Conference in our home city of Dallas, Texas.


          Wacky Wednesday

          November 15, 2017- the chapter dressed in very ridiculous outfits. We posted a photo of our members in the most tackiest fun outfits.


          Throwback Thursday 

          November 16, 2017- we shared our old memories from the chapter’s rich history in BPA. It was a photo of a past state leadership conference in the city of Corpus Christi on our twitter page. 


          Friday Funday

          November 17, 2017- our chapter relaxed by eating pizza and watching movies together in our schools theatre room.


          Social Saturday

          November 18. 2017- our chapter teamed up with other club organizations HOSA and Key Club, and had a social at Stovall Park in Arlington.


          Service Sunday

          November 19, 2017- we had members that participated at the Undy Run which was a walk that raised awareness to Colon Cancer




          October 25, 2017

          Every year James Bowie High School's club organizations host a halloween event for children in the local area. Clubs from HOSA, KEY CLUB, and NHS particpate in creating booths with games for kids. This year the BPA chapter did a ring toss featuring cones decorated to look like witch hats. We had 12 of our members help set up the tables and decorations. The even lasted two hours and the Witch Toss was a success since so many kids came to play.


          Local Chapter Officer Installation for 2017-2018

          President-Jessica Chau

          Vice President-Edmond Doan

          Vice President Torch Awards-Irfran Eshan

          Secretary-Jessica Tran

          Treasurer-Michele Yueng

          Parlimentarian-Minh Tran

          Historian- Helen Hor

          The 2016-2017 was one of the best years our local chapter has seen. Our local Advisor Christopher Caldwell wanted the next year to be the same. He wanted a team that could accomplish the goals the previous officers had, so he handpicked several of the new inducted officers to run for office. There is high hopes for this newly elected officer team as they hold a future within our local chapter.



          Chapter President Selected for BPA National Internship

          April 19, 2017

          Congratulations! to Nafim Dewan, BPA Chapter President who was selected for one of the 2017 BPA National Leadership Conference Marketing & Communications Internships in Orlando, FL.


          BPA Members Attend Teambuilding and Leadership Camp

          Editorial by:  Dontrun Furlough Jr.

          On April 7, 2017, Bowie’s Business Professionals of America Organization took a trip to Camp Thurman. My BPA group took this trip in order to build teamwork and leadership skills. During this camp we participated in several activities that strengthened our areas of trust as well as teamwork and leadership.                                    

          As we arrived in the camp, our group divided into two teams. Our instructors asked us to grab a partner (knowing that we would pick a friend) and to decide which one would be “peanut butter and jelly”. Then all the peanut butter went to one team and all of the jelly went to another. This strategy is used in order to get member out of their comfort zone and to make new friends. The two teams then went their separate ways to accomplish different activities. The group that I was in (jelly) went to Klimb Konnect. This is an activity used to show members what it is like to do things alone versus doing things together. The task was to climb an inclined net, slide down a firefighter’s pole, and slide down the slide. While this is fun and easy to do alone, it is difficult to complete while being responsible for a team member due to ocassional communication breakdowns. This gave us an insight of what it is actually like to have a team in an actual business.

          The next activity that our group went to was a game called Integrity Ball. Each member was placed inside of an arena. It was similar to a royal rumble with the same rules as dodgeball. The only difference was to slap the ball instead of throwing it. Once the ball hit you, you are out. You must have integrity in order to honestly say “Im out”. This game tested our integrity to see who would lie and who would tell the truth, which is something that you need in the business industry. Our last activity was the Maze of Life. This was my most challenging game. This activity starts with you being blindfolded and put into a maze lead by wires. It took maybe 10 minutes for the time to run out. The maze was endless and the only way out was to ask for help. This taught us that it is okay to ask for help, not only in business, but in life as well.  

          Overall, Camp Thurman was a very meaningful experience.  I have a much better understanding of some of the skills and knowledge required to be an effective leader and team player.                                                                                                             

          The trip ended with the two groups reuniting and playing games for a few hours. The trip was not only fun, but also beneficial for all members. We learned concepts that we can apply to both the business industy and real life.   

          Cyber Safety

          Members of the Chapter Activities Award Committee completed a course in Cyber Safety. The CareerSafe® Cyber Safety Awareness Training course provides students with basic awareness training to recognize and respond to cyberbullying situations. The training consists of three topics: Introduction to Cyber Safety, Cyberbullying, and Sexting. Committee members chose Cyber Safety because of the pervasiveness of hostile encounters on social media.

          Committee members then decided to present this information to the BPA members at a general meeting held February 14, 2017. Jonathan Harr and Jennifer Qu presented the information to the members during BPA week. Committee member Jonathan Harr stated "we chose cyber safety over other forms of safety because of the advances in technology and the increase in bullying over social media and blackmail.

          Forty-four members were in attendance during the meeting on February 14, 2017


          T-Shirt Tuesday

          During the month of February, the National BPA organization issued challenges for BPA week. In addition to the National Challenges our chapters planned activities for each day during BPA week. Several of the activities coincided with the National BPA activites. However, some did not. T-Shirt Tuesday was held on February 14, 2017. Each member of BPA wore our local t-shirt designed by our president Nafim Dewan. The purpose was to help bring attention to the BPA chapters at Bowie and prepare students for the recruiting event that took place the following day. There were 64 members of the Bowie BPA chapters that sported their t-shirts on T-Shirt Tuesday.


          Wecruit Wednesday

          Wecruit Wednesday

          As part of the BPA week activities, the Bowie Chapters held a informational/recruiting session during both lunch periods on Wednesday, February 15, 2017 in the Cafeteria. Members of the Chapter Activities and Social Media Committees talked to students about the purpose of BPA and the benefits of joining. The committee members received 16 names of students who have committed to attending the end of year interest meeting in May.


          Bowie BPA Week Activities 2/13/17-2/17/17 

          by: Bowie Social Media Committee and Chapter Activities Committee

           Monday, February 13th, Bowie will be celebrating National BPA Week. The initiative will include both chapter activities and national challenges.

          Bowie Chapter Activities

          Monday: Munchie Monday

          Tuesday: T-shirt Tuesday

          Wednesday- WeCruit Wednesday

          Thursday: Thankful Thursday

          Friday: Funday Friday


          Munchy Monday

                    Bowie BPA members gathered together after school to enjoy tasty snacks. They had a great time enjoying wings, pizza, and refreshments.

           T-shirt Tuesday

          Bowie BPA members wear their BPA t-shirts to display their BPA pride in the club. Nafim Dewan, our Bowie BPA President, designed the t-shirts and the members are proud to wear them and show off their BPA spirit.

          WeCruit Wednesday

          Bowie BPA members set up a recruiting table outside of the cafeteria and handed out flyers while talking to students about joining BPA the following school year. Students are given more information about the club including how to join, competition experiences, and all the fun that goes on in the club.

          Thankful Thursday

          In order to show thanks, Bowie BPA members bring the CTE teachers donuts in the morning. The CTE teachers play a big role in helping BPA so the students wanted to show appreciation.

          Funday Friday

          After school, Bowie BPA members meet up at Panda Express in order to raise money through fundraising. A majority of the proceeds contribute to outside Bowie BPA activities such as Camp Thurman members will visit in the spring.


          National Bowie BPA Week Challenges








           Bowie BPA members meet after school to prepare for their national competition trip at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Members bring study materials and help each other practice their events.


          Bowie BPA members have a general BPA meeting after school to announce the next Torch Meeting that following week. The meetings elaborate on torch point requirements and activities.


          Bowie students will participate in a National Webinar titled Exploring the 2017 National Leadership Conference.


                    Bowie BPA members show what BPA means to them by showing appreciation to the sponsors. The sponsors do a lot for the club so they received a gift for their contribution.


          Bowie BPA members wrap up the week of celebration by participating in the National Officer Teams service challenge and create a video of our chapter spreading our wings.


          Regional Leadership Conference 2017

          Regional Leadership Conference

          Keller, TX January 28, 2017-- Congratulations to all 38 members that advanced to the State Leadership Conference.

          Saturday, January 28, 2017 fifty-two members of the Bowie BPA Chapters participated in the RLC at Keller High School. Some members had been preparing for months to compete and win a bid to the State Leadership Conference held in Dallas, TX; March 2-4. Members competed in both team and individual events as well as Open Events. Members who were new to BPA were fascinated at how serious contestants were about their events. Jennifer Salinas after talking to kids from other schools during the competition stated "I didn't realize it was this serious."

          Students came away with a better understanding of the competition aspect of BPA after attending the RLC and many of those who are not graduating said they would be more competitive next year. Thirty-eight members advanced to the SLC where the competition will be tougher than at the RLC


          Sock Drive

          January 22, 2017

          During the month of November and December 2016, the Bowie BPA Chapters held a school wide sock drive. The purpose of the sock drive was to collect socks to donate to "Mission Arlington" a local charity that helps the needy. The sock drive was developed by the Chapter Awards Committee. Committee members created a school wide video announcement asking teachers and students to donate socks. The socks were dropped in the BPA advisors rooms during the school day. Members also collected socks from friends and family outside of school. In total 375 pairs of socks were collected valued at over $560. The socks were donated to Mission Arlington.



          Chapter Social Week 11/14-18 

          Munchy MondayArlington, Texas, November 14, 2016— Bowie BPA members participated in Munchy Monday during Chapter Social week. BPA participants were having a good time with their fellow BPA friends. Students provided their own snacks and shared them with their fellow members while socializing. This was the first day of BPA Social Week.  BPA Social Week is a National BPA initiative that is designed to bring members together while promoting friendship                                      


          Arlington, Texas, November 15, 2016— Bowie BPA members participated in Tango Tuesday during Chapter Social Week. The students socialized by dancing and having fun being able to interact and have a good time with fellow members of Bowie BPA with the accompany of their favorite music.


          Win WednesdayArlington, Texas, November 16, 2016— Bowie BPA members participated In “Win Wednesday” during BPA Social Week. The members had the best time interacting and playing games with other BPA members. One of the seniors Milam Smith said “Best day ever!” about the event.


          Arlington, Texas, November 17, 2016— Bowie BPA members participated in “Thriller Thursday,” while enjoying the movie The Maze Runner in the BPA sponsors’ room. The students all voted on the movie and had a fantastic experience with their fellow members of BPA with the accompany of a great movie and snacks.


          Arlington, Texas, November 18, 2016— Bowie BPA members participated in the trending “Andy's Coming Challenge” during Social Week. Friday Funday was the day before Thanksgiving break which gave the students the opportunity to socialize and have fun one last time before everyone parted their ways over the holidays.




          BPA Movie Night



          Arlington, Texas, November 3, 2016 — Bowie BPA members participated in the 1st Annual BPA Movie Night held in the Bowie High School, Little Theater.  The purpose of Bowie BPA movie night was to bring together new and old members of BPA to give the students an opportunity to build friendships and bond outside of the structured school day. Over 20 BPA members attended the event. BPA senior DJ stated, “I had a great time. The movie was excellent and I got to make new friends.” Students watched the movie Nerve and enjoyed pizza while participating in the event. The students and the sponsor, Mr. Caldwell, had a blast enjoying the movie and refreshments that were provided. After Movie Night, the seniors caravanned to the Bowie Senior Night football game at Wilemon Stadium.


          Bowie High School Spookapalooza 2017

          Arlington, TX, October 28, 2016- Bowie BPA members participated in the Annual Spookapalooza Festival, Tuesday, October 25, 2016 at Bowie High School.  Over 25 clubs throughout the school hosted events and activities including Key Club (Haunted House), the Dance Team, (Dance Booth), and HOSA.  BPA hosted a Ghost Toss booth for kids ages 1 to 13 years old. Fifteen BPA members participated in the preparation and running of the activity booth.  See Photos from the event.



          Social Media Etiquette 12/13

          Written by: Bowie BPA Social Media Committee

          Arlington, Texas, December 13, 2016— Bowie BPA members participated in the monthly meeting in the Bowie Little Theater. During the general meeting the social media committee presented a presentation on social media etiquette and precautions. The committee addressed the correct way to behave on social media.



          Officer Installation Practice

          Arlington, TX  May 18, 2016-- The Chapter held its Annual Banquet at Pappadeaux's Seafood Restaurant in Arlington. During the banquet the Chapter held its first Officer Installation Ceremony and the following officers were intalled in office. Congratulations to our new officers.

          President-Nafim Dewan

          Vice President-Linda Dang

          Vice President Torch Awards-Irfran Ishan

          Secretary-Jessica Chau

          Treasurer-Crystal Kha

          Parlimentarian-Chanh Tran

          Historian- Edmond Doan

           According to Mr. Caldwell, the purpose of the Installation Ceremony was to bring back the pomp and circumstance to the entire officer election thru installation process. The chapters had gotten away from performing the ceremonies outlined in the BPA handbook. Since this was his first year as the lead advisor, he insisted that it be done and stated that all activities were going to be done by the book. Nafim Dewan said "I thought it was great. It felt like it was a really big deal. We had candles and everything. It reminded me of the SLC."

          Because this was the first time this had been done in recent history at Bowie, there had to be a practice session for the ceremony. Although the ceremony itself last about 15 minutes, officers practiced for 2 hours making sure everything would go smoothly. This year's officer team promises to make it even better.





          Congratulations to the following National Qualifiers and National Alternates!! Good Luck in Boston, MA

          Jessica Chau, Accounting
          Emmanuel Olawore, Administrative Support Research
          Irfan Ishan, Computer Security
          Nafim Dewan, Graphic Design Promotion
          Crystal Kha, Administrative Support Team
          Linda Dang, Administrative Support Team
          Phong Pham, Administrative Support Team
          Vincent Nguyen, Administrative Support Team
          Samantha Jameson, Extemporaneous Speech
          Linda Dang, Interview Skills
          Abraham Owalabi, Presentation Management Team
          Nancy Nguyen, Word Processing
          Mary Nguyen, Intermediate Word Processing

          Chau Nguyen, Advanced Office Systems and Procedures
          Michael Troung, Basic Office Systems and Procedures
          Jose Aguilar, Web Design


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