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        Workplace Skills Assessment Program Download Center
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          Workplace Skills Assessment Program Download Center

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          All downloaded materials are the copyrighted property of Business Professionals of America. They are provided for the exclusive use of BPA member students and advisors within the context of their course of study. Any other use or sharing of materials may be considered a copyright infringement, which will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

          Below are the WSAP guidelines. You must login to BPA.org at the top right of any page in order to download them. Click here for help logging in.

          The documents are currently available in full, with individual events within the full guidelines. The pages for individual events are also provided separately for your convenience.




          September Update

          October Update

          November Update 

          2016-17 SECONDARY / POST-SECONDARY

          Complete Guidelines

          2016-17 WSAP

          Supporting Documents

          Individual Entry Form PDF
          Individual Entry Form DOC       
          Team Entry Form PDF   
          Team Entry Form DOC 

          Release Form PDF              
          Release Form DOC
          Ethics & Professionalism Resources Manual
          Graphic Standards
          Human Resources Manual
          Calculator Guidelines
          Copyright & Fair Use Guidelines 
          Style and Reference Manual
          Computer Software List
          National Deadlines
          Interview Application PDF
          Interview Application DOC

          Finance (100’s)

          100 Fundamental Accounting (S)
          105 College Accounting (PS)
          110 Advanced Accounting (S)
          115 Advanced College Accounting (PS)
          125 Payroll Accounting (S)
          130 College Payroll Accounting (PS)
          135 Managerial Accounting (PS)
          140 Federal Income Tax Accounting (PS)
          145 Banking & Finance
          150 Financial Analyst Team
          155 Economic Research Individual (S)
          160 Economic Research Team (S)
          165 Personal Financial Management
          190 Financial Math & Analysis Concepts – Open
          193 Accounting Mathematics Concepts – Open-Pilot

          Business Administration (200’s)

          200 Fundamental Word Processing
          205 Intermediate Word Processing 
          210 Advanced Word Processing
          215 Integrated Office Applications
          220 Basic Office Systems & Procedures
          225 Advanced Office Systems & Procedures
          230 Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications
          235 Advanced Spreadsheet Applications
          240 Database Applications
          245 Legal Office Procedures
          250 Medical Office Procedures  
          255 Administrative Support Team
          260 Administrative Support Research Project (S)
          265 Business Law & Ethics-Pilot
          270 ICD-10-CM Diagnostic Coding-Pilot (PS)
          290 Administrative Support Concepts – Open   

          Management Information Systems (300’s)

          300 Computer Network Technology
          305 PC Servicing & Troubleshooting
          310 Network Administration Using Microsoft®
          315 Systems Administration Using Cisco®
          320 Computer Security
          325 Network Design Team
          330 Visual Basic/C# Programming
          335 C++ Programming
          340 Java Programming
          345 SQL Database Fundamentals
          390 Computer Programming Concepts – Open
          391 Information Technology Concepts – Open

          Digital Communication & Design (400’s)

          400 Fundamental Desktop Publishing
          405 Fundamentals of Web Design
          410 Graphic Design Promotion
          415 Digital Publishing
          420 Digital Media Production
          425 Computer Modeling (S)
          430 Video Production Team
          435 Website Design Team
          440 Computer Animation Team (S)
          445 Broadcast News Production Team (S)

          Management, Marketing & Communication (500’s)

          500 Global Marketing Team (S)
          505 Entrepreneurship 
          510 Small Business Management Team   
          515 Interview Skills
          520 Advanced Interview Skills 
          525 Extemporaneous Speech (S)
          530 Contemporary Issues (PS)
          535 Human Resource Management
          540 Ethics & Professionalism (PS)
          545 Prepared Speech
          550 Parliamentary Procedure Team (S)
          555 Presentation Management Individual
          560 Presentation Management Team
          590 Business Meeting Management Concepts – Open
          591 Management, Marketing and Human Resources Concepts – Open
          592 Parliamentary Procedure Concepts – Open
          593 Project Management Concepts – Open (PS)

          Virtual Contests (National only)

          V01 Virtual Multimedia and Promotion – Individual
          V02 Virtual Multimedia & Promotion – Team
          V03 Software Engineering Team
          V04 Web Application Team
          V05 Mobile Applications
          V06 Promotional Photography
          V08 Start-up Enterprise Team


          2016-17 Middle Level

          Middle Level WSAP Supporting Documents:

          Individual Entry Form PDF
          Individual Entry Form DOC

          Team Entry Form PDF 
          Team Entry Form DOC 

          Release Form PDF              
          Release Form DOC
          Graphic Standards
          Calculator Guidelines
          Copyright & Fair Use Guidelines
          Middle Level Style & Reference Manual
          Middle Level Events-At-A-Glance
          Middle Level NLC Deadlines 
          Middle Level APG
          Middle Level Computer Software List
          Middle Level Cloud Storage File Guidelines

          Complete Middle Level Guidelines

          Middle Level Complete WSAP

          Middle Level Event Downloads

          900 Financial Literacy
          905 Business Math Concepts – Open
          910 Keyboarding Production
          915 Spreadsheet Applications
          920 Administrative Support Team
          925 Business Communication Skills Concepts – Open
          930 Computer Literacy Concepts – Open
          940 Website Design Team
          945 Introduction to Video Production Team
          950 Graphic Design Promotion
          960 Presentation Management Team
          965 Prepared Speech
          970 Extemporaneous Speech
          975 Entrepreneurship Exploration   
          980 Business Fundamentals Concepts – Open

          Virtual Events

          V01 Virtual Multimedia and Promotion – Individual
          V02 Virtual Multimedia & Promotion – Team
          V03 Software Engineering Team
          V04 Web Application Team
          V05 Mobile Applications
          V06 Promotional Photography
          V08 Start-up Enterprise Team




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