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        Post-secondary National Virtual Membership

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        A national virtual member at the Post-secondary level is a nonaffiliated individual that belongs to a postsecondary program or any other recognized education program at the Post-secondary level, that currently holds an interest and is enrolled, or has been previously enrolled in a business, information technology, and/or office occupation related education field.

        National virtual members at the Post-secondary level have the same access to all member services and programs available to non-virtual members, including but not limited to:

        • Student Member Certification Series
        • Chapter Officers
        • BPA Cares
        • Torch Awards
        • Virtual Events
        • WSAP Competitive Events available to the Post-secondary level division
        • Virtual Member Conference Fee


        Member Benefits

        Members in the National Virtual Chapter would receive all of the rights and privileges as a student member as outlined in the National Policy & Procedures Handbook including Competitive Event ParticipationTorch Awards Participation, and ability to run for National Office. National Virtual Chapter members would not be allocated Delegate Votes or Corporate Votes. 

        Members in a state supported Virtual Chapter would receive all of the rights and privileges as a student member outlined in the National Policy & Procedures Handbook and would be counted as traditional Post-secondary members for the purpose of allocating Delegate Votes & Corporate Votes (where state charters apply).


        1. Members in national virtual chapter, not supported by a State BPA Charter/Board would pay national dues only, $12.00 per member.
        2. Members in virtual chapters supported by a State BPA Charter/Board would pay national dues as prescribed by the national center for Post-secondary Division and state dues as prescribed the State Association.


        1. National Virtual Chapter members would advance directly to Nationals based on the current state competitive event allocation (ie, the chapter would receive as many state advancements as a chartered state association; as currently given to all independently chartered chapters).
        2. Virtual members participating and paying dues to a state association would be counted towards that states allocation for competitive event (ie, Texas virtual members would advance along with other PS members in their state).

        Program Administration

        Virtual programs may be administered in any way determined and approved by the National Center and/or State Association. Methods of program administration may include, but are not limited to: Skype, Blogs, Chats, Conference Calls, Online Meetings, email, and face-to-face.

        National Virtual Chapter Advisor

        Brian Wolfe
        email: bwolfe@bpa.org
        phone: 812-955-0117

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