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        Alumni Contacts

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        Alumni National Officers

        Paige Loew (Minnesota)

        Paige Loew is currently enrolled at St.Catherine University in St.Paul MN. She will be graduating in May 2017 with a bachelors degree in Business to Business Sales and a minor in Business Administration. Paige is currently employed by Thomas Reuters working as an Inside Sales Representative Intern. Upon graduation Paige hopes to get a job working in healthcare sales and obtain her masters degree in Healthcare Administration. Her dream job is to one day be a hospital administrator. Paige credits her success to all that she has learned through BPA, it has given her the confidence to pursue her dreams.

        Angie Benson (Minnesota)


        Angie Benson is currently employed as the member service specialist with Hospitality Minnesota. She assists with membership retention, recruitment, and advocacy for the Minnesota Restaurant Association, Minnesota Resorts and Campgrounds, & Minnesota Lodging Association.  She is a 2016 graduate from Ridgewater College in Minnesota.  She enjoys volunteering for the Minnesota Orchestra and upcoming Super Bowl 52 in Minnesota. She has a passion for helping see others grow nd thrive. She credits BPA with helping here find you passion and becoming fearless in the pursuit of finding it.                                                                             

        Jaclyn Kellar (Massachusetts)

        Jaclyn Kellar, originally from Pittsfield, Massachusetts, currently resides in Palm Bay, Florida with her husband Nicholas and daughter Leah. Jaclyn is a Metrics Coordinator at Harris Cooperation in their FAA Telecommunications’ Division. Jaclyn was the former Treasurer for her local chapter and participated in the Fran Kick Leadership Academy in her sophomore year of high school in Anaheim, California. BPA has been large contributing factor in Jaclyn growing as a person, she has developed life skills she uses every day in the work force and personal life. Before BPA, talking in front of others was a fear that held Jaclyn back from showing her full potential. Now Jaclyn conducts meetings and talks in front of groups of people regularly.


        Board of Trustees Alumni Representative
        Symone Gamble (Texas)

        Symone Gamble, originally from Frisco, Texas, started her career working in international finance in Barcelona, Spain and now works for Google at their headquarters in California. She supports web and mobile app developers in online advertising – helping turn their passion into profit. A former state and national officer, Symone credits her service to BPA with helping prepare her for the workforce noting that her National Officer service was a skill her current manager was impressed by and pointed out during the interview and hire process. “Business Professionals of America gave me great relationships and the confidence to be bold. It gave me leadership skills and business knowledge that I apply every day in my job. BPA was more than fun… it was an important investment in my future!”



        State Contacts

        State Year
          Contact   Telephone   Email
        Delaware 1977   James Sekcienski   302-604-1444   jsekcienski@yahoo.com
        Idaho 1976   Shawna Williams   208-334-3216   swilliams@pte.idaho.gov
        Illinois 1975      
        Indiana 1973   Peggy Smith     psmith@bpa.org
        Iowa 1974      
        Kansas 1979      
        Massachusetts 1975   Kristin McManus     k.mcmanus85@yahoo.com 
        Michigan 1978   Maria Myers     gemfriend192@yahoo.com
        Minnesota 1975   Lynn Dotseth   507-304-1568   dotseth@hotmail.com
        New Mexico 1975      
        Ohio 1977   LeeAnn M. Snyder     LeAnn@bpalumni.org
        Texas 1975   Mildred Woerndel     mildred_w@hotmail.com
        Wisconsin 1975   Brooke Shefchek  612-239-0637


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