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          Start an Alumni Chapter

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          There can be no greater feeling of accomplishment than doing something that no one else has ever done. The graduates of Business Professionals of America have a unique opportunity—the opportunity to begin an Alumni chapter in their school or even their state. The Alumni organization broadens members' interest in business, leadership and character development. The Alumni organization strives to encourage members to develop their occupational skills, knowledge, and abilities to a high degree of proficiency. The Alumni provides an avenue for former Business Professionals of America members to continue their involvement in the Business Professionals of America organization. For those individuals who are brave enough to be the "first" to start an Alumni chapter, some ideas on how to begin are outlined here.

          1. Plan the first organizational meeting
            1. Meeting details
              1. Decide on a centralized location
              2. Decide on a convenient time
            2. Contact interested individuals
              1. Former classmates
              2. Current advisor or instructors at school
              3. Ask for list from school with the names of former business students
          2. First meeting
            1. Decide the purpose of the organization
            2. Select temporary officers
              1. President
              2. Secretary/Recorder
            3. Designate a committee to develop a constitution
              1. Constitution should include
                1. Name of organization
                2. Objectives of the organization
                3. Membership requirements
                4. Officers or executive committee
                5. Meeting dates
                6. Parliamentary authority
              2. Assign constitution completion date
            4. Designate a steering committee to plan possible future activities
              1. Social
              2. Fund-raising ideas, if needed
              3. Professional development meetings
            5. Decide on next meeting date and location
          3. Committee meetings
            1. Constitution committee
              1. Develop a new constitution or change an existing constitution of another chapter to meet organization needs
              2. Make copies to distribute at the next business meeting
            2. Activities committee--discuss various organizational activities
            3. Financial-discuss fund-raising ideas and ways to distribute Alumni funds
            4. Educational-form volunteer committees for various conferences, begin a student mentorship
            5. Professional-talk about ways to enrich the professional opportunities available to Alumni and way to give back to student members through professional experiences.
          4. IV. Second and subsequent meetings
            1. Discuss and make changes to constitution
            2. Ratify constitution
            3. Elect officers--specified in constitution
            4. Collect dues
            5. Decide on future activities (from activities committee)
            6. Establish committees
              1. Membership Recruitment
              2. Fund Raising
              3. Social
              4. Educational
          5. Officers should submit the following for a charter
            1. Copy of constitution
            2. Application for chapter charter
            3. List of officers and chapter members
            4. Dues for unpaid members
            5. Send complete charter to: Business Professionals of America National Center Attn: Alumni 5454 Cleveland Ave., Columbus, OH 43231-4021

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