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        Local Advisor Certification Series

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        The National Local Advisor Certification Series is designed to prepare local chapter advisors for success in the BPA classroom through online training, peer-to-peer engagement and national program resources. For more information regarding the Local Advisor Certification Series program, please visit http://www.bpa.org/membership/Certify.

        2017 Local Advisor Certification Series Participants

        (This is the Class of 2017 who completed the certification requirements and will be honored at our 2018 National Leadership Conference.) 


        Alicia Ward Idaho
        Brad Kerr Idaho
        Kaylene Hoyt Idaho
        Michael Sermon Idaho
        Rachel Popovich Idaho
        Rochelle Tharp Idaho
        Tia Davis Idaho
        Debbie Davidson Indiana
        Jennifer Schultz Indiana
        Barb Brown Iowa
        Aaron Cummings Montana
        Hayley Oelkers Montana
        Jody Sandru Montana
        Kayla Fouts Montana
        Laurie Koepplin Montana
        Breezy Gutierrez New Mexico
        Amy Stauffer-McNutt Ohio
        Cindy Hickey Ohio
        Pam Hulsey Oklahoma
        Carmelita Loyd Texas
        Brandi Hoffman
        Joseph Vanek


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