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          What tools do you use to study for competitive events? Please list the event for which the tools are used.
          Previous tests (all events).
          We also hold a round robin, where all members present their events and receive written and verbal criticism from other members.
          In the upcoming competitions I will be competing in Personal Financial Management. I have been studying extremely hard in numerous ways. First, I have studied all of the greats who have excelled in Finance from Warren Buffet to Harry Markowitz. Next, I have been using open course wares to fuel my learning, specifically MIT OpenCourseWare and Khan Academy. I have even gone as far as to sit in on Finance courses at my local university. But finally, the most help I've gotten has been through reading finance books.
          I used the BPA Official Human Resources Manual in preparation for my competitive event in Human Resource Management.
          Flashcards, Study guides, notes.
          I used college accounting book, Professional Business Associates, Style and Reference Manual 2014-2015 Edition, Professional Business Associates, Human Resource Manual, meditation and prayer.
          For Fundamental Accounting, I utilize helpful websites from my BPA advisor and from my accounting teachers. Especially my accounting teachers, they are a great resource to access direct knowledge or other resources in learning about Fundamental Accounting. If there are any questions/concerns that need to be addressed, they are fully capable of answering any questions in regard to accounting.
          When I study for competitions, use flashcards for memorizing important terms (Quiz-let is also a good memorizing). Mostly, I practice my speech over and over again in front of a mirror or teachers from my school. Also, practicing different scenario also help me feel more comfortable when actually taking my competitive event.
          Video Production-
          Sony A5100
          Windows Computer
          Premiere Pro CC
          Rode Shotgun Microphone
          Tascam Audio Recorder
          Mock interviews for interview skills.
          Administration Research Individual : I make a detailed list of when things need to be completed.
          I'm in video production team, and to get ideas my team and I watch a lot of documentaries.
          I use Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised 11th Edition, Parliamentary Procedure Spark Chart, and Jameson's Packet in order to study for Parliamentary Procedure Concepts and Parliamentary Procedure Team.
          I use Microsoft and Keynote to study.
          Economic Research Team - A vast amount of my event's studying comes from online research along with a number of personal interviews.
          Database - I personally use an access book provided to me by my chapter advisers.
          The biggest tools we use to study are the business classes that we take. In numerous classes you can choose focuses of Graphic Design, programming, Accounting, or Word products. We also frequently take advantage of the GMetrix programs.
          For my main competition (Fundamentals of Web Design) I used resource books focused on html and css coding as well as practice through application (designing websites for local businesses). For other events resource books were also studied and for events such as "Extemporaneous Speech" and "Economic Research" mentors who were skilled in the areas were brought in for tutoring sessions before each competition.
          I personally look over my past years graphics and inspiring ideas from our school's students' artwork for ideas when I'm creating a promotional graphic design piece.
          Legal documents. For Network Design, and Legal office procedures.
          Microsoft Word Reference Book
          Excel Reference Book 
          Access Reference Book
          Patient to payment book, processing Medical Document book, medical terminology book.
          Human Resource Management: the human resource management book, online videos, in person conference with HR personnel
          Our mock trial competition season has not started yet, but we usually go to our county court house and work directly with criminal prosecutors.
          Cornell Notes
          For competitive events I use the app Notability. This has helped me study for the facts sheet quiz I will have to take in order to be considered for State officer candidate. With Notability I am able to make notes directly on the PDF file to help me learn the information. I have also used the app Quizlet to make flash cards to assist me in learning the information for this test.
          I keep an eye out for classes that will provide breadth and depth of knowledge in subjects relating to the WSAP. For Broadcast News Production Team, I contacted industry professionals for advice and feedback on our project.
          I study by working after school for three times a week and I also been doing next step academy. 
          I use westsidetoastmasters to help me with writing/delivering speeches.
          I research the event online.
          For any event, there are previous samples for application/objective tests. These could be practiced in preparation. For tests surrounding programs such as Microsoft word, there are programs to help students learn the material such as MOS practice. (Microsoft Office Specialist) 
          I will use photoshop or Indesign for the Graphic Design event.
          Clare website- med office procedures

          Marketing book- global marketing
          Code Block and many websites to write C plus plus/ C.
          For computer events I recommend our students retype the style manual.  Judged events - our officers present to our membership, various workshops such as "How to present your judged event" "How to dress for success", "How to read your WSAP Guideline".  Advisors remain after school to assist students with their projects.
          I use Roberts Rules Of Order, the 300 questions website, and past tests to study for parliamentary procedure, of which I am a member of our chapter team.
          I use accounting and banking books, as well as previous tests to study for the Banking and Finance test
          We have workshop Wednesdays where we have our members get together during our free period and we talk about competition and how they should go about doing it and we help them put their competitions together.
          I used ABC news, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Word to prepare for Administrative Support Research. 
          Khan Academy - programming events
          I use powerpoints, notes, and books from my programming courses to study for Visual Basic Programming
          I look over my Human Resource manual, make flash cards , quiz myself and practice discussing mock scenarios. (Human Resource Management)
          My individual event was Fundamental Spreadsheets so I logged on the GMetrixs for Excel that prepares students for the Microsoft Office Specialist Certificate. 


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