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          What has your chapter done to successfully fundraise money?
          Bake sales, bazaars, selling customized scrabble racks, money from school cafe
          Each year to fundraiser for the NLC we would ask for donations from local businesses. Over the years we ended up being donated everything from 5 free oil changes to a gas grill to a new television. We would then stand outside of our local Walmart and sell tickets for 5 dollars a piece and made several hundred dollars.
          Our chapter has done car washes, sold class lanyards, and school spirit sales.
          Our chapter, Fifer BPA, has held a table at Caesar Rodney's annual "Rider Pride Day" to raise money for the Food Bank of Delmarva, the major food bank in our region.
          Every year, our chapter hosts a cupcake fundraiser. We also search for sponsors in the local business community.
          1. We hold an annual senior's only male and female pageant called 'Ridge Royalty'. Every year we incorporate a new theme to go along with the pageant: 'Night in New Orleans', 'Under the Hollywood Stars', etc. The seniors compete in best attire, talent, and personality. The previous 'Ridge Royalty' our chapter earned over $300. 
          2. To earn money for Nationals our chapter challenged fellow friends and faculty by pin wheeling their yards charging them $10 to challenge them another fellow friend or faculty. They also have the option of purchasing $5 pin insurance if someone challenges them. 
          3. During homecoming we had games such a BPA decorated board where students would throw a football through a hole earning them a small prize. Another was a turn at a spinning wheel where when spun guarantee a small prize.
          My chapter has held a garage sale to raise money for the competitors headed to nationals.
          Saidie Hawkins Dance.
          My chapter has planned our annual ice cream pie fundraiser. We will start sealing the pies in the middle of October and they we will continue tell we make them towards the end of November, close to Thanksgiving. Another fundraiser we did was a 50/50 raffle at a volleyball game. We also have planned a duck tape fundraiser, we plan on duck tapping someone from our administration. You will have to pay a dollar for some duck tape.   
          We have done a potato bar. We also shared an event with the ISU COT Auto Body--Chrome in the Dome.
          -raffle tickets during lunch period for BPA prizes
          -Jamba Juice smoothie sales before school
          -individual cookie dough sales
          We operate a chapter run school spirit store, sell candles, sell mulch, sell DVD copies of the school play, sell iPad cases for our school iPads
          My chapter has successfully raised money through our annual bingo. Our bingo is held before nationals each year.
          Our chapter raises money for districts, state, and nationals by cleaning up after games. After each home game, a group of students clean up all the trash. We receive $100 for every game and split that money between those members that clean up.
          Bake Sale, Make up artist presentations, ping pong tournaments
          T-Shirt fundraisers, solicited corporate partnership with Walgreens, sold coupon booklets for Hy-Vee, sold chocolate bars, spoke with local businesses in the community about donating
          We have done fundraisers. We have done bake sales for Special Olympics and have done sales for Butter Braid Bread and local store coupon books to raise money to pay for conferences.
          We have sold fruit snacks throughout school and created events outside of school through our elective class Event Planning & Hotel Management class.
          We hold an annual talent show.
          To successfully fundraise money, my chapter has sold wreaths around Christmas time, submarine sandwiches three times per school year, and Easter candy in the spring. Additionally, we have been beyond grateful enough to accept generous donations from repeat donors year after year. We volunteer our time to help them in their organizations' projects and sometimes they end up giving back.
          My chapter sold vinyl decals with our school logo and our school hashtag. It was a huge success. We also do the typical bake sales and car washes!
          -Little Caesars Pizza Kit Fundraiser
          -Flower Power Fundraiser
          -Annual Powderpuff Football Game set up by Sault Area Career Center Chapter
          -Saykllys Candy Fundraiser
          We do open skating events at our local hockey rinks and a spaghetti dinner in our cafeteria every year. For additional funds, we have asked for donations from community members and organizations like the Lions Club and Rotary.
          Sell Happenings books
          Worked at the local county fair. We sell beef sticks. We hold a garage sale every year. Work the Renaissance Festival
          We have done Dine and Raise Fundraisers at Buffalo Wild Wings and Applebee's.
          Sold Little Caesar's pizzas and QDoba coupons.
          Throughout the year we sell magazines, Yankee candles, Little Caesar's pizza's, and work concessions at our school and in our community.
          Our chapter does several fundraisers. One way we fundraise is through selling Braid-A-Bread. This is one of our chapters best fundraisers. Another fundraiser we do is a breakfast before the Wilsall Ranch Rodeo, and a lunch during the Wilsall Ranch Rodeo. We also sell coffee, pizza, and do concessions for Junior High sporting activities. The chapter even does a bake sale and puts on a Three-On-Three tournament.
          We have had fun pasta sales and we have sold RAV4 tickets which is a school wide raffle to receive a new RAV4. We have also had success selling aloe Vera plants which were generously donated to our organization.
          Every year, our BPA chapter raises money at the start of the year by selling cookie dough then wreathes for Christmas, and a variety of fundraisers for students going to nationals. 
          My chapter has participated in the Locks of Love campaign as well as multiple yearly competition fundraisers. Our chapter every year raises close to or over 1,000 dollars in cookie dough sales. Our chapter also offers a special raffle to raise money for the chapter to attend nationals.
          We do many fundraising including selling candy, pampered chef, football toss, and renting out a photo booth.
          My chapter has sold beef jerky to successfully fundraise money.
          We fundraiser money through selling cookie dough and pies around the holidays. We also fundraiser successfully by working with our local business "X-treme Air" and sold tickets for discounted entry price.
          Yankee Candle Sales
          Bake sell
          Auction Art work
          Pumpkin Carving Contest
          Hot Choc Sale
          Raffle Tickets
          T-Shirt Sale
          Candy Sales
          In the past my instructor has had a fundraiser with candy bars, but there could be ways to fundraiser in the future. One of the potential fundraisers we have is Boswell's (tea, coffee, dips )
          We created "A Night in Hollywood", a fundraiser put on for Special Olympics that spotlighted the participants as the stars that they are.
          Auntie Ann's pretzel fundraiser.   
          Our chapter has done many things to successfully fundraise money. We also sell shirts and water cards. Water cards are punch cards that cost $5 each and get you 5 bottles of water.
          We are sure to sell at any event that we can. We attend games (and compete with the concessions stand), we always have a booth at local fairs, and we are always testing new items that fit the nutrition guidelines to maximize profit. Our store is constantly on the move and adapting.
          Class potlucks, Events where BPA is the only club on campus allowed to sell food.
          One very successful fundraiser we did last year was providing all of the refreshments for Vex Robotics Competition. Our college hosted this event and we were the sole provider of food. Because this competition started in the morning and went into the afternoon we brought snacks as well as lunch foods. This fundraiser was excellent!
          We sell donuts every Friday for one dollar each. We also sell water bottles and Kettle Corn for five dollars a bag, and we sell water cards for five dollars which can get you five waters.
          A sweetest day flower sale
          In the past we have sold Ribs from a local business and sold Krispy Kreme doughnuts.
          Sell boxes of health food.
          Our chapter is selling brownies as a fundraiser. Each brownie baggie contains 2 brownies for $1 each.
          Bake sales, special grams, Hat Day, candy sales, concession stand, "Getting Batty With BPA" bat sale.
          We have sold Approved foods on an individual basis.
          We sell the World's Finest Chocolates
          We have always worked the concession stand for our school's UIL meets which gains us lots of funds.
          Silent Auction, Picking grapes for a local winery, Food and Music at a local establishment.
          We have sold Serrogies chocolates, Christmas Wreath Sales, Bake Sales, Blood Drives.
          We have sold school-related accessories, including pens, flash drives, and cups.
          We bring a Papa John's pizza truck to the school parking lot to sell pizzas after school twice a year.
          We have had a lot of luck with monthly Breakfast bake sales. This is where were have home made foods, primarily breakfast items, that we sell to students, faculty, and staff during the breakfast hours.

          Sell tickets for comedy club
          We had a Chiloso night and fundraised $200. We also did a lollipop fundraiser and it was very successful 
          We have successfully raised money by selling donuts every Friday before schools starts.
          We have done a Zombie Run, sold pies, and done a 3-on-3 basketball tournament. 
          We are currently in the process of our talent show fundraiser Gobblepalooza
          Turkey trot 5k run/walk
          We have help a fundraiser called kicked-for-chicken to help offset costs for state.
          We have participated in Saturday Live, Sell Martinson's Caramel Apples, Martinson's Chocolates, and Concession.
          Our chapter has sold chocolate bars to raise money for our student dues.
          Buffalo Wild Wings Fundraiser
          Our chapter's main fundraiser is to sell Deanan popcorn. It is very popular and sells easily.
          We held a fundraiser with Achatz Handmade Pie Company.
          Our chapter is having a holiday mall to raise money for our chapter. We also work concessions for sporting events. 
          We have participated in Funding Factory, worked in our schools coffee shop, helped Vevay tourism with the Swiss Wine Festival.
          My chapter has done fundraisers for the Happenings Books, as well as Yankee candles. 
          We have held open ice skates at the local hockey rink 
          Our Chapter has successfully fundraised money by holding an annual spaghetti dinner for people in the community, and by hosting open skates at our local ice rink.
          Participated in a magazine drive.
          Bag groceries at local grocery stores, and have local restaurants give us a portion of the sales on a certain night. 
          Burger Bash, sold pizza kits, sold flower power, sold sayklly's chocolate, etc.
          Our chapter does poinsettia sales in November before christmas to raise money for travel expenses to state or even nationals if you would make it. Another thing our chapter is involved in the Special Olympics. We are raising money for it by selling fall/winter sports posters to keep the student body involved in what is happening sports wise. 
          Made vinyl stickers not only for BPA but our school as well.
          We have a school store that sells things such as drinks, snack items, pencils, paper, and materials along those lines to help raise money. We have an event called Empty Bowls that helps feed the homeless by selling soup. 
          We conduct an Annual Pie Fundraiser where we sell Apple and Cherry pies to the surrounding community to raise money for the chapter. During the summer month of August, on each Thursday, we host a movie in the community park with concessions to be sold to those who attend.
          We have a BPA Car show that brings in a lot of money.
          As a chapter, we sell tickets for pork sandwiches, that a local partner makes in order to help raise money for District and State Leadership Conferences.
          We sell Montana boxes packed with things made in Montana. We also sell treats at lunch. We can also do 50/50 and pop shot at basketball games.
          No shave november 
          We hold cappuccino sales every morning before school and help out with the meat raffle at our local sports bar every Saturday to help raise money to travel to nationals every year.


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