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          Keynote Speakers and Workshop Recommendations

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          Are there any keynote speakers you would recommend to other states?
          Not related to BPA, but I was at a leadership conference for another student organization and Jeff Yalden was our key note speaker. What an inspiration that man can be! http://www.jeffyalden.com/
          Patrick T. Grady, the Executive Director of the Florida Associate, does a phenomenal keynote speaker, and he also puts on a great hypnotist show. http://www.patricktgrady.com/
          I would like to recommend my chapter advisor, Mr. Darryl Harris as a keynote speaker. He is an excellent and experienced public speaker and an accomplished businessman.
          I would recommend a local named Scott Moscrip who is a very professional business man. https://truckstopgroup.com/leadership/scott-moscrip/
          Merryl Tengesdal spoke at the Cecil Andrus Women In Leadership Conference I attended. She is amazing https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merryl_Tengesdal
          Gwen Brooks: amazing background story of success in the business field, developing soft skills and character, and how BPA does that for members today www.gwenbrooksinsurance.com
          At our State Leadership Conference, our keynote will be Jerry Ackerman. I heard from other CTSO's in our state that is very interactive and relates to teens. http://www.jerryackerman.net/
          I recommend Casey Neistat. http://casey.nyc/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casey_Neistat
          I would recommend Scott Backovich because he is a wonderful guest speaker. He taught my fellow classmates and I what it means to be a leader, but he also kept us interested along the way.   http://www.scottbackovich.com/
          Matthew Brannon http://matthewbrannon.com/
          Brandon Lee White was active and engaging, fair price for a great service http://www.brandonleewhite.com/
          Erik Stolhanske was a great speaker at our fall leadership conference last year. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erik_Stolhanske
          I do not personally know of any keynote speakers. However, I just attended the Phi Theta Kappa Region Leadership Conference and we had Iowa Senator Danielson speak to us about his "No Labels" community which is working to throw out the idea of labeling people as a democrat and republican and just work to get things figured out in our government. http://www.jeffdanielson.org/
          Danny Beyer, author of "The Ties to Bind." http://www.dannybeyer.com/
          Tim Cook https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tim_Cook
          Josh Shipp http://joshshipp.com/
          Rita McGrath http://ritamcgrath.com/
          Peggy O'Connell is an excellent keynote speaker. She owns four businesses and has traveled around the country sharing her passion of business and success through her unique ways of wrapping it all together. She can be contacted at positivelysuccess@gmail.com or at (906)-789-7446! She is from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan! https://www.linkedin.com/in/peggy-o-connell-3a846614
          Ryan Penneau. http://www.takebackcollege.com/
          Jody Holloway from the Minneapolis Business College was a very skilled speaker that I would recommend. https://www.linkedin.com/in/jody-holloway-50a24632
          I would recommend Nick Vujicic. Nick is a man that was born with no arms and no legs, but despite his hardships, he's persevered and delivers a very powerful message. He is very spendy, but if a state has the budget he is well worth it. He didn't speak at our State Leadership Conference; however, I've heard him live and he is far from disappointing. http://www.lifewithoutlimbs.org/
          Tyson Wooters http://www.tysonwooters.com/
          Karen McNenny http://www.karenmcnenny.com/
          I would suggest a renown keynote speaker by the name of Ori Brafman. I would suggest him because I have enjoyed watching his talks recorded online. I also enjoy his business related topics and his encouraging words about "pushing the envelope". http://oribrafman.com/
          Jerry Traylor http://jerrytraylor.com/
          Salman Khan http://www.thelavinagency.com/speaker-salman-khan.html
          One keynote speaker that we saw a video about was Jason Hewlett. I would absolutely have to recommend, he is very intelligent and hilarious, a great speaker. http://jasonhewlett.com/
          Kyle Phillips http://www.athletespeakers.com/speaker/kyle-phillips/
          Luke Westerman http://lukewesterman.com/
          Kent Julian http://kentjulian.com/
          Rhett Laubach http://www.yournextspeaker.com/rhett.asp
          One of my favorites was a Bank financial executive named Kurt Schindler. He visited us last semester. https://www.linkedin.com/in/kurtaschindler
          Alexandra Lugaro http://www.alexandralugaro.com/
          Eddie Slowikowski http://eddiespeak.com/
          Ryan Underwood https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryanunderwood
          Amy Gallimore https://www.linkedin.com/in/amygallimore http://www.teamtri.com/
          Mike Smith Skate4Change CEO. http://mikesmithlive.com/#intro
          I would recommend Aric Bostick. http://www.aricbostick.com/
          At our state leadership conference I attended a presentation given by Jodi Hicks, who I would recommend to other states. http://www.lawpolicy.com/our-team/jodi-hicks/
          Kevin Wanzer http://kevinwanzer.com/
          Hilary Corna http://www.hilarycorna.com/
          Tutt&Dagg http://www.tuttdaggs.com/
          Heather Schultz http://www.heatherschultz.net/
          If I could recommend anyone to be a keynote speaker I would recommend Ed Gerety. http://edgerety.com/
          Eric Samuel Tim http://www.nooneunderground.com/team/eric/bio
          John Green. http://johngreenbooks.com/bio-contact/the-contact-page/
          Fran Kick http://www.kickitin.com/
          I would recommend Brad Monteque to any other states. He not only spreads a positive message but he also is entertaining and relatable. He is all around a good guy. https://speakerpedia.com/speakers/kid-president-brad-montague
          Isabel Aguilera https://www.bigspeak.com/speakers/isabel-aguilera/
          Yes, I would like to recommend Les Brown. http://lesbrown.com/
          I would recommend Shannol Oleen, she was a great speaker at the Texas State Leadership Conference. http://shannonoleen.com/
          I would recommend Scott Greenberg as keynote speakers.http://www.scottgreenberg.com/
          I would recommend Jim Biewer, director of event marketing and game presentation for the Red Wings, as he was a very entertaining and informative speaker at the Region 6 Leadership conference of 2016. https://www.linkedin.com/in/jim-biewer-3817398
          Nicholas Webb http://www.nickwebb.com/
          Eric Thomas http://etinspires.com/
          Craig McLain was a great speaker. http://www.craigzablocki.com/
          Randy Melville, who is the Senior Vice President of Frito Lay, is an incredible speaker who I would recommend to any chapter within any state. https://www.linkedin.com/in/randy-melville-135aab6b
          Bill Cordes. http://www.billcordes.com/
          Yahya Bakkar http://www.yahyabakkar.com/
          Jason Singleton  http://www.ohiostatebuckeyes.com/genrel/jason_singleton_841891.html
          I would recommend Jeff Bezos. He is considered one of the most successful businessmen in America. https://www.ted.com/speakers/jeff_bezos
          Greg Gianforte http://bozeman.com/contact-greg/
          What workshops would you recommend or like to see?
          I believe that a workshop demonstrating the benefits of the various divisions would help retain members from one level of the organization to another. For example, a workshop that would show middle schoolers why to join secondary level BPA or why members should join the alumni division.
          Workshops that help with Accounting 
          I would like to see workshops regarding business related careers - a workshop that shows the different careers in the business field.
          The workshops that I would recommend attending are Leading Others, the Community, and Organizations because I believe that having the ability to move others or groups would leave a great impact in the area we are in.
          The workshops that I would like very much to see are Communication and Engaging Others workshops because I want to retain that connection between my colleagues and also create that relationship with people in order to have strong a structure when leading out to do a project.
          I would like to see workshops geared towards entrepreneurship. I personally have an interest in it and I feel that a workshop in entrepreneurship has benefit anybody who attends it.
          Journalism/writing workshop. Factual evidence and writing is a huge portion of the business world and I don't think that it is retained as well as everyone believes. 
          I would recommend the body language workshop.
          Interview skills, and crafting digital resume and profile on LinkedIn
          I would like to see a workshop on public speaking.  How to get over the fear?
          I would like to see workshops that help to integrate the arts into business culture.
          I would recommend/like to see workshops specifically focused on everyday skills necessary for a person just starting out in the business field. For example, someone who is still in high school/college would not necessarily understand basic everyday office skills like working with a computer system. I would also recommend Career Awareness workshops, especially for those who are unsure what area of business they would like (or if they are even going into the business field), as it would provide insight into various areas. 
          I would like to see workshops tailored to specific business jobs. I want to be a hedge fund analyst so if there was a workshop that explained what they do and internships or learning experiences that would give us an idea of what the job entails.
          I would like to see a workshop about BPA's relationship with other organizations like NOYS and Special Olympics.
          I would love to see a how to become a national officer workshop.
          How about a state officers forum where various state officers can give some pointers to newly elected officers about how to organize a state conference with workshops.
          I would like to see a parliamentary procedure workshop. 
          How to Achieve Happiness in Whatever You Do
          Help filling out job and college applications
          I would like to something involving language. In our world we do not speak one language. There are a variety of complex forms of speaking from sign language to dialect in regions of a country. It is a large world out there and I want those who are in BPA to realize how a language barrier can affect a business positively and negatively as well as opening their eyes to a new form of business; translating and interpreting.
          Computer programming, IT solutions, Computer hardware construction.
          Self Defense Workshop
          Special Olympics Workshops
          Professional Etiquette Workshop
          A workshop about editing systems
          I recommend workshops that focus on the practicality of life. For example, the ones that show individuals how to get a loan or how to overcome debt. These are crucial parts of life that aren't taught in schools, and kids need to be prepared for before stepping out into the real world.
          I would love to see a workshop on basic steps for formal ballroom dancing. I feel that this is a skill that could be helpful during certain formal occasions. 
          I would also love to have a workshop on making professional small-talk. I find it difficult to make small-talk after I have just made a new acquaintance or while waiting for a meeting to commence. I think it would be helpful to know what are and are not appropriate things to talk about during situations like those mentioned above.
          Torch Award workshops, how to become a better officer for BPA, and educational expansion for students wanting to pursue college degrees in the future. 
          Group Dynamics and Mock Trial events.
          I'd like to see perhaps a Budgeting workshop for chapters and maybe a record keeping workshop.
          I think a great workshop for BPA would be pocket flags.
          I would love to attend a etiquette eating workshop.
          I'd like to see a workshop about social media, since it is greatly impacting the business world. A competition surrounding marketing, growing a business on the internet (e-commerce), or something similar should be added in the future.
          I would like to see workshops about broadcast news.
          I would like to see a workshop about the legal field and what would be some advice to aspiring lawyers.
          I would like to see a Financial Advisor workshop to speak about how to handle your money wisely as you leave high school.
          I would like to see workshops that involve technical skills like programming, PC troubleshooting, and web design.
          BPA Boot camps were you practice your event for real in front of teachers who pretend they are judges. They give you notes of what you did correct and on what you can improve.
          A workshop I would love to see is the Communication Styles Workshop.
          Workshops concerning the use of e-mail to effectively communicate.
          I would like to see workshops about organizing fundraising events and encouraging chapter members to get involved in them.
          I would like to see a workshop on time management and eliminating distractions.
          I would recommend the Shark Tank, Spectrum, and Grid Walk workshops from Focus Training, as they were very informative and thought-provoking during the Fall Leadership Conference.
          Navigate the Road to College was an amazing workshop. It gave me a lot of tools that I am utilizing in my Senior year. It is very informative and helpful.
          I would like a workshop that teaches us how to reach out the other BPA chapters for group work and how to recruit better.
          Scholarships available, college of business from local college and discuss degrees offered.

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