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          What events does your chapter do specifically to recruit members?
          We hold socials at the beginning of the year and offer anyone who attends free ice cream.
          At the start of each school year, our chapter participates in a freshman orientation at our school, where we promote that students interested in business careers and fields join our chapter. Also in each business class at our school, an upperclassmen from BPA presents a PowerPoint about the benefits of BPA.
          Most of our members are recited using the "word by mouth" method. Mr. Barish and Mr. Mercer start persuading you as soon as they know your name. Though, the morning and afternoon announcements get you intrigued your first day of sixth grade.
          We have a leadership Kickoff, where the chapter officers (myself included) create small leadership activities that are fun for teens. We also advertise to parents at our open house.
          Last week, my instructor had to give a BPA presentation to two large groups of sophomores at my school. I volunteered myself and helped him in giving the presentations by giving my perspective on BPA and how it has affected me. At my school you must be a Junior to join BPA and so this was a perfect group to present to. Afterwards, many of the sophomores expressed to me that they were enthusiastic to join BPA.
          In my school, our requirement when taking the Business technical program is to register for BPA Membership.
          This year we have a week long process of handing out candy, showing promotion videos, talking to classes about how fun and beneficial it is, and going to sporting events and promoting it through school spirit.
          We hang up signs and announce all of our meetings. We always have an ice cream welcome party and the beginning of the year and then we continue with a nice pizza party later in the year.
          We are holding an opening house to new members, we are challenging current members to "bring a friend" to our next meeting, we are targeting the different student majors with specific marketing to highlight opportunities in their field.
          We have a lunch expo for the various clubs at our school and BPA always has our own booth set up. There are posters advertising BPA and there are members that can share their personal experiences with interested/prospective new members. 
          We also tend to do word-of-mouth recruiting as it is much easier for us to talk face-to-face with people who are interested in joining BPA, especially when they have many questions to ask.
          Run features on the school news, speak to all freshman careers classes, set up a booth at lunch, offer coupons to members we think would be good
          We have an office party at the beginning of the school year in order to recruit new members. Anyone is welcome and office games are key to get people involved.
          We have had booths set up on the first day of classes. We have had a booth set up during clubs and organization day. At those booths we have BPA members talk to non-members to recruit them. We have some of our awards present to show, we have created pamphlets, flyers and newsletters to hand out that showcase what our chapter has done over the past year.
          My chapter advisors present information about BPA to students, and invite them to our annual meeting. This year in particular we had previously made an iMovie recruitment video. At the meeting returning BPA members informed the future members about BPA and there experiences.
          My chapter promotes BPA to all incoming Freshman, in hopes of recruiting them for the Business or Information Technology Programs. Then we proceed to make presentations to students, encouraging them to join. In addition, our local chapter officers present at our Advisory Board Meetings, which gives us the opportunity to raise awareness of our organization.
          A hike, bowling, and laser tag.
          We send out a lot of emails to specifically to recruit members, have school newsletters/announcements and a video promoting BPA.
          We went to Business classes and explained what BPA is, we created a bulletin board, we created promotional videos, put information in the school newspaper, and had our officers send letters.
          We have a parent's packet that gives information, we have a bulletin board, and our Business Leadership class is making a motivational video.
          We hold an informational meeting every hour so every person eligible for BPA has a chance to attend it, and we put up a bulletin board with the officers on it to familiarize people with the organization.
          Recruitment days! We invite people on just to see what the club is about without any obligation to join. There are snacks, raffles, pictures, videos, etc.
          We recruit peer to peer during the month of September. We hosted a bring a friend meeting and gave out candies with catchy BPA sayings at noon hour.
          We talk with middle school students through-out the year and hold fun recruiting meetings
          We have a info meeting at the beginning of the school year every year. We also make a video and play it at lunch with pictures and reasons to join BPA. While showing the video at lunch our current officers walk around with suckers giving one to anyone who signs up.
          We train and prepare members for explaining BPA, communicating with potential recruits, and going out there to pursue new members. We emphasize the "Elevator Speech" as well as provide incentives for recruiting specific amounts of members.
          We try to do some sort of social event, such as going to a park and have fun, and then explain the activities of BPA.
          We host an Ice Cream Social to kick off the year where we tell them what BPA is and why they should join and we also make announcements along with sending them personalized little memos.
          Last year we had an article in our local newspaper about our class and this year we're planning on bringing the 8th graders from local middle schools and giving them a tour of our class.
          We have meetings before BPA to recruit interesting people. Also, we try to set rewards for people who recruit members. 
          We are going to a hockey game.
          We have a board on campus that details what we are about. We also wear our shirts to events to promote our club.
          Locker tags
          We offer it as a one credit class and we create a bulletin board sharing all the fun we have in our club.
          Our chapter presents activities and awards to board members and distributes brochures. During parent conferences we set up tables to talk to parents about having their children join.
          This past recruiting campaign we conducted a dollar versus lottery ticket activity around the entire school in which a student could bring back which item they chose and we provided them with a pamphlet that explains how BPA can help them arrive where they want to in their specific career category.
          Provides free cheesecake at recruitment meetings and has a Twitter account used for recruitment.
          We make it a friendly competition between the officers to recruit the most number of members. 
          We do a luncheon type thing where students can come and learn about BPA and why they should partake in the organization
          We advertise our organization to the incoming freshman during their orientation and have a meeting within the first few weeks of school. In addition, our senior members mentor the younger members, which encourages them to stay with BPA and recruit their friends as well.


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