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          SLC Activity Ideas

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          What activities are offered at your state conferences?
          Workshops, a scavenger hunt, competitive events, a photo booth.
          The Delaware State Conferences offer a number of activities for attendees. A few of which being leadership and college seminars. For example, in one of the activities at the SLC last year, we stuffed envelopes to be sent to sick children.
          1. Hypnosis show the past couple of years
          2. A large recreational room filled with multiple fun large games
          3. A DJ and karaoke
          4. Blackout card to help interact members and win a prize
          Last year, we had an auction and a dance party.
          Formal Dance 
          Auction for special Olympics 
          Game night 
          Presidents breakfast
          DJ, Game Night- Casino Night, Hypnotist, Taco Bar
          This past conference, we had breakout sessions called Shark Tank - Entrepreneurs, Dress For Success, and Goal Setting.   We also had a question and answer session with an expert panel on "Interviewing for that Job."
          rice donation, making cards for people in the military
          In the past few years, we have offered a dance, a hypnotist, a talent show, a trivia night, packaging care packages for troops, as well as a photo booth.
          We have everything from fun tours, to workshops, to a college and career fair. It is one of my favorite parts of BPA!
          At our state conferences, we have "Legacy Launchers," short keynote presentations on specific topics like networking or college readiness, a college fair, a formal dinner, an informal dance, and an informal "meet-and-greet" session (on the first day of the conference, to meet people and have fun casually).
          -Chill zone (hang out with students from another chapter the night before the competition starts. This is a great filler activity to meet other people before the competition and stress modes get tense. Activities included are raffles, games, snacks, etc.)
          -banquet and dance (we have a banquet dinner where awards are presented. Following the dinner, is an amazing dance! The music is upbeat and fun....think prom with a bunch of people you don't know. Always a blast.)
          -parade of presidents (this is right before the opening ceremony and it is designed to recognize local chapter presidents. Presidents brings signs and run into the ballroom where everyone is already seated just prior to the opening session starting. 
          -a ton of legacy launchers (have down time? Go to a legacy launcher!)
          We have a morning yoga session, a hypnotist, and we have the chance to make cards for veterans.
          Amazing BPA race. This year we will be having a murder mystery performed for fall leadership conference.
          Market Madness
          In the fast-paced world of the stock market, some lose and some win big! This activity focuses on synergy and trust. We talk about individual responsibilities each member has to the overall success of a team, and how this plays an important role in any organization’s success.
          College Matters
          Americans with a four-year degree make an average of 65% more than those with only a high school diploma. To achieve the dream of a college education, young leaders need to know how to find the right school, get accepted, and find the money to make it happen!
          Elevator Statements
          You have 30 seconds to explain to a stranger the essential information about your organization. Can you sell them on the merits of BPA before the window of opportunity closes? Participants walk away with an ability to better articulate the key information about their association.
          Speak Up! It's a public speaking session it focuses on presentations in front of people
          Some activities that are offered at our state conference are: March Madness which is about synergy and trust, another one is Swamp Madness which helping each other cross the swamp.
          This year we're doing an Amazing Race with QR codes around the area of our hotel. We will award the winners with points for the spirit competition.
          Activities offered are a BPA dance and dinner. They also offer rock climbing and a Pistons Basketball game.
          Our state offers a dance for all of the members and has a day for everyone to volunteer at local businesses around town. 
          There usually are some pledges we can sign or awareness activities. Two years ago we had a BPA After Dark activity where we had to post pictures through twitter of certain activities. Everyone really liked that, it got everyone involved and had something fun to do in their down time.
          There is a career fair and a college fair at the State Conference. There is also Legacy Launchers throughout the conference. The first night there is a talent show and a games event that members can win gift cards at. 
          At my state conferences, activities offered include dance and self-defense workshops, Special Olympic fundraisers, and a state dance. 
          College Representatives, workshops, a dance, the Parade of Presidents, and a formal dinner.
          A Magician 
          The state designed a special T-shirt for BPA 50 years anniversary. The participants also have a chance of visiting the aquarium.
          Last year, we were given tickets to play "casino" games and compete on a blow-up obstacle course.
          We always do the interships, and the our chapter likes to visit universities in the city and museums or places near the state conference.


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