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          Special Olympics

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          How does your chapter get involved with Special Olympics?
          We volunteer every year at the Special Olympics of Delaware's Fall Festival. Also, a representative of the organization has a workshop at each year's state leadership conference.
          Our chapter teams up with our school student council to hold a Project UNIFY week. During this week, we work with Special Olympics to promote the unification of EVERYONE.
          Last year, the students actually went directly to the special Olympic games to help out the students. They also raised money as a group and were HIGHLY encouraged to go to the "Polar Bear Plunge" in February.
          Our chapter gets involved with the Special Olympics by stockpiling canned foods. Since our chapter is located in Florida, our area is very susceptible to hurricanes and we want to be able to provide relief as soon as possible to those who are in need.
          We have an annual powderpuff game to raise money for special Olympics
          We work closely with Special Olympics in cookie bakes, dodgeball tournaments, and also this year, the polar plunge to raise money for Special Olympics.
          We send members to the Polar Plunge, volunteer at events like the local Christmas party.
          We do the Polar Plunge every year! We also do bowling for Special Olympics.
          Volunteer at every event in our area, bowling, basketball, etc.
          We have a BPA cares committee that over sees the local Special Olympic events and lets everyone know when these events are and does a sign up. We also have bake sales to raise money for the local Special Olympics chapter.
          We volunteer at the Special Olympics Northeast Iowa bowling. We also have members volunteering at the Special Olympics Iowa Winter Games and the NE Iowa Spring Games.
          Our chapter does at least one walk for special Olympics.
          My chapter is very active in the Chains of Love program. We sell Chains of Love during our school lunches. All the money raised is then donated to the Special Olympics. Lastly, the chains are used to decorate our SLC.
          We raise money by selling links that end up forming a chain at the State Leadership Conference.
          Our chapter gets involved with Special Olympics through the two events we participate in each year. In the winter, we team up with a local ski resort and go skiing, while in the spring we go to a local college to complete track and field events.
          Volunteer for the regional bowling and track & field events. We also participated in the summer games for Minnesota.
          Our chapter participates in our States "Miracle Minute" each conference and some of us have done the Polar Plunge with our Lions Club.
          We donate to our state's Chain of Love program:   Where every dollar donated to special Olympics counts as one paper link in a paper link chain and we string it in our convention center at State Leadership Conferences. Last year, our chapter donated nearly 400 dollars.   The state as a whole raised about 9,000 dollars.
          Our chapter walks 3 miles to support Special Olympics.
          To get involved with Special Olympics, we could hold a car wash or bake sale and donate the profits.
          We participated in the Special Olympics "bowlathon." Raising money for Special Olympics.
          We participate in the Special Olympics Polar Plunge.
          We participate in the local Special Olympics by filming and photographing.
          We want to sell chains of love this year.
          We also participated in the Holmes County Special Athletes Track and Field.
          We hold an annual walk-a-thon and donate the money at our state conference
          We collect money year-round for the Chain of Love in addition to presentations about Special Olympics and the impact of their donations. We also designate certain days when all of the profit from sales at our school store (run by the local BPA chapter) goes toward the Special Olympics fund.
          We sell Links of Love and do bowling events.
          We volunteer at Special Olympics meets, and help Special Olympics Students in our school train for the Special Olympics.
          Our chapter offered food to the Special Olympics athletes after they played.
          We go once to a Special Olympics event once a year and we help with set up, concessions and ticket booth.
          We do fundraisers at basketball games by selling waffle brownies and donate the funds. 
          We help with the events (timing, measuring distances, cheer on the contestants, etc.) 
          Our chapter gets involved with Special Olympics by raising money and donating money to the charity and also last year we held a community Zumbathon and donated the profits to special olympics.
          We are selling posters with our sports schedules on them and all of the profit will go to Special Olympics. 
          My chapter goes out and helps to give water to the racers after they are done running and many more.
          Each year we raise money for the Jolly Jaunt and walk or run the event.
          We do a fundraiser with Krispy Kreme, selling as many donuts as we can.
          We offer support and volunteers for sporting and other events. We also raise money via bake sale to donate directly to special Olympics.
          We volunteer and help the participants in the Special Olympics by handing out awards, serving snacks, and playing games. 
          We host our own Special Olympics within in our school for our special education kids who can't go to the main event.
          To get involved with Special Olympics, our chapter always sets out cans to receive donations at basketball games, we often donate 50/50 portions or sell ice cream to raise money.
          Raised money for Special Olympics by having a keyboarding competition.
          There was a Cake Walk in support of Special Olympics at the Regional Conference this year.


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