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          How to Stay Involved

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          An Alumni member may be part of an organized local or state association where members get together frequently for planned and structured activities. Or, the member may be the only one in an area; if this is the case, it will be up to the member to determine the level of involvement and participation. Any member can become as involved on any level (local, state or national) as he or she desires. Here are suggestions of ways members can get involved.

          National Level Activities

          Fall Planning Conference. The annual fall business meeting is held the second full weekend of November in various locations. During this meeting, committees are formed to develop the activities and projects the Alumni will undertake during the year. Plans are made for participation in the National Leadership Conference and National Alumni Meeting.

          National Leadership Conference

          Seminars and Workshops. Alumni members are encouraged to participate as seminar and workshop facilitators and presenters on topics within their area of expertise. Banquets. Alumni members are encouraged to participate in conference banquets as banquet hosts, MC�s, and coordinators.

          Social and Networking Activities. The Alumni always look for unique social and networking activities for its members to participate in. Some of the activities include meet and greets, visiting popular points of interest, and other forms of entertainment in which members have a chance to meet and get to know each other.

          Competitive Events. The Alumni are highly encouraged to volunteer as an event proctors, graders, administrators or judges during the National Leadership Conference.

          Assist with registration and tours. Alumni members can help with the registration of chapters at the beginning of conferences or assist at the Tour Desk to help organize buses, registration for tours, and other logistics.

          National Alumni Meeting. This meeting is held annually in conjunction with the National Leadership Conference. At this meeting we discuss the past year and the efforts of the Alumni Association, as well as ways to increase involvement and awareness for the upcoming year.

          State and Local Level Activities

          State Conferences. Members of the Alumni attending the conference are able to become involved in a variety of activities as participants and/or volunteers . These must be coordinated with the Business Professionals of America State Advisor. Some activities include leading Seminars and workshops; assisting in registration; proctoring, judging, or administrating competitive events; chaperoning events, and more! Assistance to Chapter Advisors. Chapter advisors often appreciate the offer of assistance from Alumni members. New advisors find it especially helpful to rely on Alumni members to aid them in:

          • Coordinating the activities of the local chapter
          • Assisting with committees
          • Forming a Business Professionals of America advisory committee
          • Sponsoring or chaperoning a field trip or conference trip
          • Serving as judges in local competitive events
          • Helping students prepare for competitive events
          • Participating in the student Special Olympics project.
          • Serve as a guest speakers at regular meetings, banquets, and regional meetings.
          • Present talks and workshops on career development and related topics. These topics may include committee effectiveness, officer leadership training, and sessions on how to apply for a job, how to prepare for the interview, what students should know about the business world as they graduate, and preparation for competitive events.

          Benefits of staying involved:

          • Opportunities for travel
          • Participate in conferences at local, state, and national level
          • Experience personal and professional growth
          • Networking opportunities
          • Serving as mentors to student members
          • Sharing expertise and knowledge to student members
          • Giving back to the organization

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