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          Leading Your Local Chapter

          Contributed by National Officers

          Hello Business Professionals of America:

           My name is Sterling Brooker, and I serve as your Secondary National Secretary. I would like to share with you some advice on leading your local chapter.

          Whether you serve as an officer or not all members can contribute to their local chapter. Recruiting is a key role in BPA, talk to your classmates and your peers that are not in BPA and share your experiences, what you have learned, and why you have enjoyed your time as a member thus far.

          Service is something that we truly take to heart, remember to always be on the watch for opportunities around your community, for example, watch the news, or look in your local newspaper. Pay attention to local events happening around your hometown that your chapter can become involved in to help better your surrounding areas.

          Also, fundraising never hurts. Organizing small events will help raise money for your local chapter. By fundraising, you maximize your opportunities within Business Professionals of America. Make sure to take advantage of this opportunity.

          Lastly, make sure to promote activities within your chapter! These just don't have to be serious meetings, having fun events is a great way to get to know one another and to grow as a team.

          I wish all of you the best this year in BPA.

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