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              What Not To Wear...LHS Style

              Contributed by Lowell High School, Lowell, MA

              Jump starting the new year and searching through the 2013-2014 Torch Award Handbook, senior Carlos Gonzalez wanted to practice his public speaking skills and share his knowledge of PowerPoint, by integrating both into a professional development activity for the Lowell Chapter of Business Professionals of America.  His presentation, titled: What Not To Wear, included professionally dressed models Jackyie Cruz and Emily Wilcox as well as not-so-styling co-presidents Sisowath Kennedy and Melissa Graham.  The presentation fulfilled Torch Award Knowledge Activity 420: Give a presentation on any topic using computer or multimedia technology.

              Using the Torch Handbook to frame and guide his search, Carlos realized he needed additional points in the Knowledge category toward his Statesman Torch Award.  Torch Awards are divided into seven Torch categories--Leadership, Service, Cooperation, Knowledge, Friendship, Love, Hope, Faith, and Patriotism.  Having completed the required points in each level for Executive (10 points); Diplomat (30 points); Carlos is working toward Stateman (50 points); with a goal of reaching 70 points or Ambassador Torch Award by the April deadline.  Additionally, not only did Carlos earn points for presenting, but student members in attendance earned Leadership points (Activity 102) For participating in a Business Professionals of America local chapter professional growth activity.

              This presentation was used to help the incoming members understand how to dress appropriately for any and all business occasions including upcoming BPA conferences and competitions. Participants were then quizzed to see how much the members actually knew about proper dress wear. After the presentation, one can be assured that the BPA Lowell chapter will be amongst the best dressed in the room with all the knowledge acquired.  As a side challenge, our Advisor Jill McNamara dubbed Wednesday meeting days as "Work it Wednesday!" for members to dress professional for the school day in awareness of our weekly BPA meetings in Room 629.

              Earning Torch Points for attending the What Not to Wear Presentation were:  Stephen Cassella, Rafal Thaher, Emily Kem, Melissa Graham, Josef Juscak, Sisowath Chea, Jackyie Cruz, Presenter Carlos Gonzalez, Mordecai Ebhohon, Emily Wilcox, Michael Doung, Paula Em, Juliie Akinyi, Annika Phan, and Jasmine Meneide.



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