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            2015 Chapter Display Cases

            Contributed by WITC Rice Lake

            Chapter Display Cases

            by Courtney Masrud

            The chapter display cases is one of the chapter’s favorite ways of recruiting and advertising their successes. The main goal of the chapter display case is to provide information to students regarding BPA membership, events, conferences, community service, and student opportunities.

            The chapter has their own personal display case on the top floor of the college. This display was updated at the beginning of the semester by chapter member Courtney Masrud. She created a PowerPoint providing the following BPA chapter information and printed it off and put it in the display case:

            1. Business Professionals of American description
            2. Competitions/Awards
            3. Networking
            4. Scholarships
            5. Torch Awards
            6. BPA Cares Awards
            7. Certification with Certiport
            8. Leadership Conferences
            9. Travel
            10. Leadership Positions
            11. Personal Growth
            12. How does one join BPA.

            Based on new member surveys the recruitment display case has always but a great tool for recruiting new membership.

            “The BPA Display Case is always so informative!” commented Sandy Repka.

            “The BPA Display Case is the best way to let students and staff know what is going on with the chapter.” said Scott Elza, “We hope that business students who are looking for something to do or a way to build their resume become interested in what we accomplish as a chapter or BPA.”

            After the State Leadership Conference, the chapter was excited to share their success at in the competitive part of the conference. The chapter as a whole took home (2) First Place, (5) Second Place, and (6) Third Place plaques. They put all these awards in a display case across form the Student Life Center (SLC). This is a highly traveled part of the school so many students and staff were able to review the plagues.

            1 member x 10 hours (creating recruiting display) = 10 hours

            4 members x 2 hours (putting up SLC display case) = 8 hours


            Total Hours = 18 hours

            Website would not allow me to upload the photoes!

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