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          2015 WITC-Rice Lake BPA Facebook Page

          Contributed by WITC Rice Lake

          WITC-Rice Lake BPA Facebook Page

          by Courtney Masrud

          This year the WITC-Rice Lake chapter decided that they wanted to utilize their Facebook page to a higher level than previous years.

          Their goals for the chapter page this year included:

          • Fundraiser advertisement
          • Orders for Fundraisers taken on the page and member’s pages
          • Sharing and publications of State Information
          • Reminders for BPA Members
          • Over all publication of the WITC-Rice Lake chapter

          The chapter started by creating events for all the conferences and fundraisers they had on the calendar that year. They hosted part of the Wisconsin Fall Leadership Conference so they started by creating a page for that. Then they also created events for their Tastefully Simple, ButterBraids, and Herberger’s Community Days fundraisers.

          They chapter received information from the Wisconsin Association and kept the Fall Leadership Conference page as up-to-date with information as they could. Members from the Rice Lake chapter and other chapters could also join the event so they could see updates as were provided by the Rice Lake Chapter.

          The fundraising events were shared by the personal pages of Rice Lake members as a subtle way for their friends and family to find out about the fundraisers and submit orders. BPA Alumni and other individuals who have liked the WITC-Rice Lake Facebook Page would also have a chance to see the fundraisers. The chapter was able to increase sales by $500 through online orders form the fundraising page.

           “I love being able to share my BPA success with my friends and family so quickly!” said Mandy Bricco.

          Over the course of the 2014-2015 year, the chapter also shared reminders for members regarding upcoming events, Torch Awards, etc. The chapter posted pictures from events and the BPA conferences they had attended. They also were sure to share any accomplishments of the chapter, such as, awards and community service.

          1 members x 1hour a week x 30 weeks = 30 Hours

          Total Hours = 30 Hours

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