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            About The Safety Awareness Award

            Contributed by Wisconsin

            The purpose of the Safety Aware- ness Award is to encourage and recognize members of Business Professionals of America for their involvement in safety, whether it’s personal safety, safety in the office, driving safety, drug awareness, anti-violence awareness, or any safety initiative or program. Chapters are eligible after completing 100 hours of service or raising and then donating $500 dollars to- ward creating a safe environment. ​
            Successful applicants who perform 100-249 hours of service or raise & donate $500-$999 receive a Certificate of Achievement, and 250+ hours of service or $1000+ raised & donated will be recog- nized with an Award of Achieve- ment on stage at the National Leadership Conference in Boston. Activities that qualify will be completed between April 2015 and March 2016. Activity descriptions will be submitted at BPA.org and must not exceed 

            800 words in length. All descrip- tions must include the title of the activity being performed, the benefitting organization, the date the activity was completed, the location, and a description of the performed activity. Activities include volunteering, training, and/or contributing to any and all safety programs. I encourage you to post/share your chapter’s service activity on BPA’s Facebook and Twitter pages with “#bpacares”.

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