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            Community Service Award

            Contributed by Wisconsin

            Volunteers are vital to many organizations around the United States, especially non-profits. Business Professionals of America is passionate about helping out these organizations by encouraging their members to volunteer. By volunteering, members have the opportunity not only to help their community, but also to network with other volunteers and community leaders. Which can lead to a job in the future. The other benefits of volunteering are that you can gain valuable knowledge, experience, friendships, and points in both the Torch Awards Program and BPA Cares Program. The President’s Volunteer Service Award Program is also tied to the BPA Cares Program and when you receive an award in the President’s program, you will also be recognized by Business Professionals of America at the National Leadership Conference.

            ‚ÄčAnother benefit of volunteering your time to help someone out is the feeling of happiness. I’ve been volunteering for many years and it has always made me feel happy. One of the organi- zations I’m passionate about volunteering for is Habitat for Humanity. I’m passionate because, I’m not only helping families live the dream of owning their own home, but I’m also helping the 
            environment at the same time. There are many other organizations out there that need your help. I encourage you to go out and volunteer your time whenever possible. Even if you can only help for a few hours a month, that help is welcome. A helpful guide on what you can volunteer for is in the Torch Awards Handbook. Also, don’t forget to write down a description of what you did and how many hours you worked so you can write and submit an article about it for BPA Cares.


            Tonya Schumacher

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