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          Scholarship Opportunities

          Contributed by Business Professionals of America

          As the cold still bears down on some places and others enjoy the warmth, our journey of 2016 has begun.  Many are applying for college and scholarships, so I would like to share with you a few opportunities Business Professionals of America has to offer.

          These applications can be found on bpa.org under the “Opportunities” section of the Service tab at the top. Please note that submittingone general application automatically makes you a contender for all three scholarships listed below.

          • The Sherrell Wheeler scholarship is awarded to one member who represents the same extraordinary amount of dedication to BPA that the National Officer Coordinator, Mrs. Wheeler, demonstrates in her work with the national officers and the organization.

          I can say that being able to work with this incredibly dedicated woman has helped me grow within BPA and in my life. I know there are members out there that have her passion and dedication for BPA, so if that describes you, apply!

          • The National Officer Scholarship fund has been established by the Business Professionals of America National Officer Team to recognize the most outstanding Secondary and Post-Secondary members in our organization. The recipients of these scholarships will exemplify the core values of Business Professionals of America: leadership, service, and extraordinary involvement.

          Being a national officer I understand how impactful leaders can be. This scholarship allows us as national officers to give back to an organization we dedicate ourselves to. Not only do we want to give back with this scholarship, but we want to recognize these members’ hard work and dedication.

          • The National Technical Honor Society Scholarships are awarded to an outstanding senior of Business Professionals of America in the Secondary Division, and one outstanding member of BPA in the Post-secondary Division. These scholarships are based on academic success, involvement within BPA, and membership in the NTHS.

          In addition to the scholarships BPA offers, there are lots of scholarships out there. This website has fantastic suggestions on how to sell yourself on paper in order to receive the scholarships you want:


          Here are a few tips and tricks:

          1. Don’t miss the scholarship deadlines.
          2. Be passionate and personalize your essay. You really want to stand out!
          3. Apply to every scholarship for which you qualify.
          4. PROOFREAD and have others proofread your documents as well!

          Now that you know what scholarships are available at the national level, I encourage you to apply. Be aware of the deadline so that you have a chance to reap the benefits you have earned through your BPA membership. Take the time to apply in order to let BPA give back to you.

          I can’t wait to see everyone in May in Boston for our 50th Anniversary! 

          Yours truly,

          Vanessa Hickman
          National Secretary
          Secondary Division

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