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          New Torch Awards Program Identity Announced

          Contributed by Business Professionals of America

          Business Professionals of America is pleased to announce a new, updated identity for the BPA Torch Awards Program. The new identity can be used when promoting the program to both internal and external constituent groups*. In addition to a program identity, each level of the Torch Awards Program that is recognized by the organization has been provided with an individual identity with color enhancement.

          The concept of the design is to provide a consistent, streamlined identity across the organization from chapter to state to national levels. This new identity is approved for use in the WSAP Digital Media Production Contest.

          *There are a few exceptions where the symbol of the torch incorporated into the Torch Awards Program identity can be used as a stand-alone image, but only when it is being used to represent or promote Business Professionals of America’s Torch Program. The torch symbol cannot be incorporated into the Business Professionals of America logo/brand identity in any way. In cases where used independently, the symbol of the torch must remain as a stand-alone image, separate from the Business Professionals of America logo and/or Torch Awards Program identity. All exceptions must be approved by the National Center in advance. All exceptions must be approved by the National Center in advance.

          Additionally, the four individual levels of the Torch Awards Program can each be recognized with their own unique identity as described:

          • Executive Torch Award
            • The two-color identity is black and red
          • Diplomat Torch Award
            • The two-color identity is black and blue
          • Statesman Torch Award
            • The two-color identity is black and silver
          • Ambassador Torch Award
            • The two-color identity is black and gold

          All Torch Awards Program images can also be printed as one-color images. However, the only approved one-color tones are black and navy blue. To reduce the occurrence of inconsistent color, all printed pieces for the Torch Awards Program and/or the four Torch Award Levels are to be printed with Pantone Matching System (PMS) ink as specified in the Torch Awards Program Identity Guidelines available online at: http://www.bpa.org/source/post/637

          JPG and PNG downloadable files for each Torch Awards Program identity, including the stand-alone torch image are available through the BPA.org website in THE SOURCE under Chapter Resources at the same link noted above.

          For questions, please contact Heather Bunning, Director of Strategic Advancement at hbunning@bpa.org, or Dustin Devers, Director of Education at ddevers@bpa.org.

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