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              Donating a Pint of Ourselves

              Contributed by Lowell High School, Lowell, MA

              Business Professionals of America Lowell Chapter

              Donates Pints of Themselves

              by Cathy Huynh & David Kubai

              What better way to start off a new month than to give blood.  The Lowell Business Professionals of America Chapter participated in a local Red Cross Blood Drive along with non-BPA students from Lowell High School.  The American Red Cross helps a variety of patients in need because one out of ten people admitted to a hospital need blood.  Even though donors have to be seventeen or older to participate without their parents consent, Lowell members of BPA were willing to do what they had to do to give a pint.  The fact that one donation can help save or sustain up to three lives was enough persuasion for us to give and help those who gave.

              The warm welcome we received as soon as the RC staff saw our group assured us that this community service opportunity was going to be an experience we would never forget.  The staff showed us some of the stations we were going to be assigned to, showed us what bell to ring in case of an emergency, and all the while they had smiles on their faces.  We were glad to help the donors to snacks and drinks as we thanked them for taking the time off their busy schedules to give blood to those who needed it.  There's no better feeling than the one you get when you see a person willing to give blood to another.  It takes a lot of generosity to do that.  As a BPA member, I was proud to donate for a second time in my life, but it meant more because I shared my experience with my friend Katie Coolong and my advisor, Mrs. McNamara.  With them by my side, I felt more confident and less nervous to give again.

              I was really glad to hear the donors saying "I can't wait until the next blood drive." One man summed it all up when he said.  "I donate blood six times a year.  I've been doing it since 1954, and I shall continue doing it till I die.  Then my son will take over." This was really inspiring and made me proud of volunteering at such a community-helping event.  After such an amazing experience, I will continue to encourage my friends, family, and relatives to donate blood.  Overall it was an unforgettable experience and I can't wait till the next one.  

              Business Professionals of America has a mission to provide students with the opportunity to enhance their knowledge in other areas besides the WorkPlace Skills Assessment Program through BPA Cares Service Learning Programs of Safety Awareness and Community Relief Service.  During our chapter meetings, our advisor utilizes BPA.org to assist members in learning more about the service learning areas of BPA.  The Red Cross sponsors Blood Drives in our area often and so our advisor contacted them to see if we could participate.  Mrs. McNamara sent out an email blitz to the entire school community and City of Lowell employees advertising the drive.  After the drive, the Red Cross contact reported that 38 units of lifesaving blood were collected and that our group helped toward their goal of 39 units!  Three of which were from our own members!

              The Lowell Chapter volunteered for a total of 33 hours while all of the volunteers from LHS accounted for 66.5 hours.  With non-BPA members assisting, we were also able to tell them more about BPA and are encouraged that they will join BPA in the fall.  Chapter members participating in the Red Cross Blood Drive include: Cathy Huynh, Sisowath Chea, Brittany Bernardini, Merissa Snead, Katie Coolong, Cheymony Fennell, Michael Doung, Ariana Rainone, and Amanda Hall.



              Three Musketeers: Cathy Huynh, Katie Coolong, Advisor Jill McNamara


              Group Photo:  (Front L-R) Cheymony Fennell, Sovanntha Kong,  Stephanie Rinaldi, Merissa Snead, Amanda Hall (Second L-R) Brittany Bernardini, Debby DeOliveria, Rina Rom, Natra Sim, Ariana Rainone (Back L-R) Michael Duong, Sisowath Chea, Cathy Huynh, Monita Khuth, David Kubai, Sheena Chourn, Katie Coolong


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