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          NLC Digital Learning Lab

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          The NLC Digital Learning Lab is Back and Better Than Ever!

          Business Professionals of America is excited to announce the 2018 NLC Digital Learning Lab is now sponsored by HP!

          Equipped with top of the line business technology, the HP Digital Learning Lab at this year's National Leadership Conference will provide students and advisors with incredible learning opportunities the 2018 National Leadership Conference. Come join us for one or all lab experiences during this year's conference. 

          Adobe Academy
          Members can register for any or all of the Adobe Academy courses being offered at NLC and work toward earning the new Adobe badges/pins. Adobe Academy Pins - This year we are introducing a new incentive to our Adobe courses. We are dedicated to the Idea that we want all teachers and students to learn to use the creative tools Adobe has to offer so that they can engage with new technologies. Digital Expression is the new Literacy and Creativity is the new Literacy, go create something today. To help this Creative pursuit we have organized 6 Pins (Badges) you can collect: 

          • Adobe Photoshop for Beginners Badge
          • Adobe Illustrator for Beginners Badge
          • Document Cloud with Adobe Acrobat Badge
          • Adobe Muse Badge
          • Adobe Academy Elective Badge – Attend Adobe Creative
          • Cloud or ACA 
          • Adobe Academy Graduate Badge – Complete 2 Boot Camps and attend one other session



          Social Assurity
          **Exclusive Offering for Post-secondary members**


          BPA is pleased to offer an exclusive social media eCourse to its Post-secondary members at this year's National Leadership Conference. Developed by our partner Social Assurity, this eCourse will deliver pragmatic and timely information and resources for Today's Students and Tomorrow's Business Professionals. Social media has become a critical element of an effective job search . For job seekers, the persuasive cover letter and germane resume have long been the way to get a foot in the door, and more recently, HR directors will rummage through Google to make sure nothing negative turns up. The extent to which individuals have established a strong and compelling online presence is having an impact on who gets the interview and job.Walk away with a Certificate of Completion on-site once you have successfully navigated your way through the course.



          Precision Exams
          Join us again this year for a one-day Digital Learning Lab experience sponsored by Precision Exams where students have a great opportunity to take certification exams at a remarkable value and come away from NLC Certified! This year’s certification offerings also include two certification tests that are affiliated with the  Economic Research Team and Banking and Finance Workplace Skills Assessment Program (WSAP) competitions at the national level. These offerings are open to everyone and are introduced at the 2018 NLC as a beta run for incorporation into future years’ competitive events. Be first to get certified and experience the  future of these WSAP competitions. The 2018 NLC Precision Exams Certification Offerings will include:

          Accounting I - aligns with BPA Fundamental Accounting (100) & College Accounting (105)
          Accounting II - aligns with BPA Payroll Accounting (125) and College Payroll Accounting (130)
          Banking and Finance - aligns with BPA Banking & Finance (145)
          Economics - aligns with BPA Economic Research (155)
          Word Procesing - aligns with BPA Intermediate Word Processing (205) and Advanced Word Processing (210)
          Web Development - aligns with BPA (V06) Web Applications Team
          3D Graphics - aligns with BPA Computer Modeling (425)
          3D Animation - aligns with BPA Computer Animation Team (440)
          Digital Media IA - aligns with BPA Digital Media Production (420)

          Attendees may register for a Day Pass in advance of NLC by using the Conference Registration System. To register, click the Certifications tab next to the participant name you wish to add for this offering. Then, select “Precision Exams Digital Learning Lab” from the BPA University menu. Registered students will have the opportunity to take one or all of the nine Precision Exams Certification modules being offered. Pre-registration is required for students interested in taking these certifications.  students who are competing in the Banking & Finance and Economic Research Team WSAP events are not required to pre-register for the day-pass. Registration is only required for those NLC participants interested in the Precision Exams Certifications apart from the WSAP events.

          *Precision Exams Certifications are not currently integrated into WSAP and will not have any impact on the outcome of student competitive events in 2018.
          Precision Exams Certifications are being offered as a value-add for students attending the 2018 NLC as well as an introductory beta for future WSAP events.



          NLC Digital Learning Lab Sponsored by: 




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