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          BPA Investment Challenge

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          The BPA Investment Challenge sponsored by HowTheMarketWorks



          Open to all BPA Secondary Members


          Contest Details
          Returning for the fourth year running,  HowTheMarketWorks is proud to sponsor the BPA Investment Challenge for the 2017-2018 school year. The Contest is open to all Secondary level members of Business Professionals of America. All contest participants will be given $100,000 to invest across any US stocks, ETFs, or mutual funds. The Top Ten performers will be given an opportunity to attend the 2018 National Leadership Conference in Dallas, TX where they will present their portfolios to a panel of judges for a chance at winning the Grand Prize. There will be a practice session that will run during the month of December. The official challenge begins January 3, 2018 and runs through March 15, 2018. Students can set up their account, register for the official contest and start trading.

          Use the following link to set up your account and register for the Official BPA Stock Market Challenge:  http://www.howthemarketworks.com/register/76966.  If accessing the Challenge through another link such as the search page, you may be promoted to enter a password. You may use: BPA2018 if prompted. If you are not officially linked to the BPA Investment Challenge through registration, you can choose to "Join a Contest" through your main dashboard. Type: OFFICIAL-BPA-2018 in the "Find a Contest" search box to bring up the Official BPA Investment Challenge.

          IMPORTANT NOTICE POSTED January 31, 2018:

          It has been brought to the attention of the StockTrak team that due to technical issues, the old accounts from last year's contest were not reset ahead of this year's contest officially launching. As a result, any student who re-used their old account which still registered their old values from the 2017 contest, had their account values reset to $100,000 in order to make it fair for everyone. As contestants are able to register and compete in the BPA Investment Challenge at any time from January 3 - March 15, this early reset will not cause a negative impact on contestants.

          In addition, there appear to be some individuals who have been trying to cheat in the 2018 BPA Investment Challenge by creating multiple accounts with different usernames and names. As a result, the following requirement is being implemented effective immediately for all contestants:
          1. To qualify for NLC, contestants MUST have their BPA Member ID present in their username by no later than February 15, 2018 (Example: jonsmith-09-0012-0034). Students can do this under the "Update Profile" page on the site located at the following link: http://www.howthemarketworks.com/profile.
          2. All rankings on the website are UNOFFICIAL until the winners are audited and announced by the HowTheMarketWorks StockTrak team. Any student found trying to cheat or game the system will be disqualified.


          The number of trades is unlimited, but there will be a $10 commission on every trade. All stock and ETF orders will execute at real-time prices during market hours, and at the market open on the next business day if placed while the markets are closed.

          Mutual fund orders will execute at 6:00 PM New York time if placed before 4:00 PM (provided the market is open that day), or 6:00 PM on the next business day if the order was placed while the markets are closed.

          Student portfolios will update in real time, with the Challenge rankings also streaming. BPA will receive an updated ranking at the end of each week from HowTheMarketWorks and will post it here for weekly updates. Real-time rankings will be available on the HowTheMarketWorks website.

          Top Ten Performers
          At the close of the challenge, the top ten performers will be announced and invited to the 2018 National Leadership Conference in Dallas, TX, where they will present their trading strategy in front of a panel of judges. The winning strategy will be awarded with a check for $750! In addition, the NLC registration fee for each of the top ten performers who are invited, and attend the conference will be reimbursed by HowTheMarketWorks following NLC.

          $1,750 in cash prizes to be awarded at NLC in Dallas!

          • Grand Prize is $750
          • Second Prize is $400
          • Third Prize is $250
          • Fourth Prize is $100
          • Fifth through Tenth places receive $50 each

          Prizes will be based off total portfolio returns over the trading competition. A live ranking will be provided, however all results are dependent on a final audit by the HowTheMarketWorks team. The results of the audit are final.


          If students are found with multiple accounts, they will be disqualified from the competition!




          Congratulations to the 2018 BPA Investment Challenge Winners

          Student Chapter/School Final Placement Prize Amount
          Gurekmann Gill Plymouth-Canton Educational Park First Place        $750
          Avani Guduri Ann Arbor Huron High School Second Place        $400
          Young-Bin KIM Ann Arbor Huron High School Third Place        $250
          Sampath Eaty Ann Arbor Huron High School Fourth Place        $100
          Krupesh Patel Plymouth-Canton Educational Park Fifth Place         $50
          Carter McGill Hamilton Heights High School Sixth Place         $50
          Anay Laddha Ann Arbor Huron High School Seventh Place         $50
          Jonathan Strader Trumball Career & Technical Center Eighth Place         $50



          For full contest details, visit: www.education.howthemarketworks.com/bpa

          For a full User's Guide, visit: http://education.howthemarketworks.com/using-htmw/the-official-htmw-user-guide/ 

          To view the HowTheMarketWorks BPA Webinar go to: https://bpa-1.wistia.com/medias/4u0rlfijk0 








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