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        Intern Invitation

        The National Leadership Conference is your conference! Not only are activities and events planned for you, they are conducted with your help! The NLC Internship Program is a vital part of the National Leadership Conference, involving over 200 student volunteers from all across thecountry. Do you want to see what happens “behind the scenes”? Do you want to meet new people from all across the country? Do you want the ultimate leadership experience? If you said,“Yes,”to any of these, you want to be an NLC Intern!


        Intern Job Descriptions


        AICPA/Bank On It Tournament
        Provide assistance and support to sponsoring partners AICPA and help check in participants of the tournament. Gain experience with competition/event registration, online gaming and have an opportunity to network with one of BPA’s Gold Level partners. 


        BPA University/Digital Learning Lab
        Help facilitate sessions at NLC. Assist presenters as needed, greet participants as they enter, ensure presenters have materials as needed.

        Competitive Events
        Assist the Competitive Event Center by distributing materials, assisting at the Certification Lab, greeting participants in the Open Event Lab and more. 

        Day of Service
        Work with participants in the Day of Service activity rooms. Assist in material distribution, greet participants, and more! 

        Exhibitor Showcase and Virtual College Experience
        Provide assistance and support to key partners in the Exhibitor Showcase and during the Virtual College Experience. Gain experience with marketing and sales in an exhibition environment, have an opportunity to network with BPA partners, and learn about virtual reality technology. 

        General Sessions
        Work with the session coordinator to unpack awards, hang banners and much more! You will be able to see what happens “behind the scenes” when we’re setting up the amazing General Sessions. 

        Intern Desk
        Interns at the desk will be responsible for ALL intern communication. The Intern Desk is where students will come to switch hours, check their schedules, and request additional volunteer time. The Intern Desk will be located at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Convention Foyer and Swan Convention Registration Desk.

        Interns will greet judges as they enter the Judges Orientation breakfast or lunch. This is a two-hour commitment. It will be important that Interns understand the layout of the hotel, or bring their conference handbook as they will be escorting the judges to their respective contest rooms. Interns may be asked to help set up the orientation area and pass out judges’ gifts. Be the face of BPA and show everyone how great you, the students, really are!

        National Officer Coordinator
        Interns will be working with National Officers and Officer Coordinator before many of the special events to help set up, decorate, greet, and/or take tickets. Events, Success Sessions, Campaign RallySet-up, General Sessions, and much more! 

        National Showcase
        Assist at participants at the National Showcase and greet attendees. 

        The official behind the scenes photographers serve a very important role at the National Leadership Conference. It is the job of each intern to take pictures that will be used on the national BPA website, the Wire, and other promotional materials. Wherever you are you have the unique opportunity to capture the amazing moments of NLC. Interns filling these roles will be taking pictures of everything, everywhere, and everyone. Interns on the Press Team will have a detailed understanding of the conference schedule to make sure every exciting moment is captured at NLC. This intern assignment can be flexible as not everything happens between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. If you are interested in being a floating photographer we can make that happen.

        Team  Members  are  required  to  do the following prior to the NLC:

        • Interns should have access to a DSLR camera of their own. The Intern Program will provide memory cards.
        • Attend an informational webinar to understand your role in the NLC, date and time toTBA 

        Interns will check in chapters and address problems that arise. Sharpen your problem- solving skills, because this is a fast-paced, customer-focused assignment that will keep you jumping!

        Super Intern
        Super Interns are former Intern Participants or National Officers. Super Interns help manage the internship program. Super Interns will need to display critical thinking skills and perform independent decision-making. Because you are vested with a high level of responsibility this internship runs in 4 block time commitments. Super Interns will have an additional training in the online InternU. 


        Advisors can register students for the intern program while registering their students online for NLC: http://www.bpa. org/nlc/crs.

        Approval in the intern program is granted by the local advisor and confirmed by selecting an intern event and submitting the online conference registration. No other approval is required. All applicants registering for the National Leadership Academy during the online conference registration process will be admitted. Please contact Brenda Jacobsen at jacobren@isu.edu for additional information or questions.

        Participants are required to:

        1. Select an Onsite Intern Orientation in the online registration process. Participants are only required to attend ONE onsite orientation.
        2. Enroll in and complete the modules in InternU, customer service for NLC Interns.  http://elearning.isu.edu/community
        3. Adhere to the NLC Intern Dress Code, white button up shirt, black pants or skirt, intern badge while on duty.

        Moodle Instructions

        Cybis Production Intern: Go Backstage at the 2018 BPA NLC!

        Cybis Communications is a total creative communications company based in Orlando, FL. The Cybis Production Internship is a unique opportunity for 1 or 2 members to participate in the many aspects of live event production, from stage management and video production to lighting and sound. Apply by March 31st at www.thinkcybis.com/intern.


        BACK FOR 2018 – Marketing Communications Interns
        Do you consider yourself creative? Do you know how to visually tell a story or record an event? If so, you might be just who we’re looking for to serve as an NLC Marketing Communications Intern in Dallas. NLC Marketing Communications Interns will provide support and assistance to National Staff by serving as a general photographer, videographer and social media correspondent for the National Leadership Conference. Capture and highlight the people, places and events taking place throughout the week in an effort to successfully document and promote NLC. Photographs, video clips and communications will be used in a variety of ways throughout the conference including promotion through official National Social Media platforms, partner and sponsor recognition, future marketing materials and website use. Interns must be available to work/cover a series of events throughout NLC.

        Marketing Communications Communications Interns will receive a behind the scenes look at what is involved with marketing and promoting a successful national event. Serving as a Marketing Communications Intern will open up networking opportunities at the conference through interaction with alumni, national partners, as well as BPA students and advisors from other states. Interns will work daily with Director of Strategic Advancement to create, produce and deliver event marketing promotions for use by the National Center to highlight and showcase NLC. Experience taking video and photos with digital technology and previous writing experience are considered a plus. Interested applicants must complete an online application located at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/MKTGINTERN and local advisor approval/sign-off is required.



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