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          National Leadership Academy

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          Program Presenters: Fran Kick & Frank Crockett - www.kickitin.com/bpa

          Secondary & Post-secondary National Leadership Academy
          Actions speak louder than words and we’ll be getting everyone actively involved in creating the kind of engaging, enthusiastic, experiential learning that’s way better than just “sitting and getting.” Experience internships, interactive leadership team-building challenges, a professional leadership panel presentation, and so much more! All designed to help you make things happen within BPA and in life so you can KICK IT IN and TAKE THE LEAD!

          Plan on attending the BPA Leadership Academy and interact with other student leaders from all over the U.S. Registration for the Secondary/Post-secondary National Leadership Academy is completed online during the registration process for the 2018 National Leadership Conference. Visit www.registermychapter.com/bpamem to register for the conference and academy.

          Day 1: Thursday, May 10-8:00 am-12:00 pm
          Day 2: Friday, May 11-8:00 am-12:00 pm; 2:30 pm-5:30 pm BPA Day of Service Project
          Location: Grapevine Ballroom D

          Registration online under the Conference Registration 'Leadership' tab.

          Participants must be registered for the conference in order to qualify for participation in the academy.

          Program Objectives

          • Increase individual leadership competencies and how to relate them to real-life situations. Focus on organizational leadership and developing leadership in others.
          • Learn how to enhance personal leadership skills, pay attention, respond appropriately, model effective communication, encourage cooperation and collaboration.
          • Investigate leadership values including self-awareness, ethical congruence and commitment to completion.
          • Participate in experiential hands-on activities in group, partner, and individual situations.
          • Become more reflective and learn from your own experiences as well as other people’s experiences.
          • Learn how to nurture more leadership around you so that others can start making things happen.

          Eligibility & Online Application Information
          The National Leadership Academy is open to Secondary & Post-secondary Divisions participants who register and attend the National Leadership Conference with a local chapter.

          National level contestants in any contest other than open contests cannot enroll in the National Leadership Academy. In addition, open contest participation must be scheduled around the National Leadership Academy schedule.

          There are only 300 spaces available in the 2018 National Leadership Academy.

          Registration for the Leadership Academy and National Conference Intern are online as part of the conference registration. Simply add Leadership Academy option during the online registration process. Approval in the Academy is granted by the local advisor and confirmed by submitting the online conference registration. No other approval is required. All applicants registering for the Academy during the online conference registration process will be admitted.

          Each participant must commit to:

          1. Serve as a National Leadership Intern for a minimum of two hours during the National Leadership Conference.

          2. Complete the Leadership Academy in its entirety. Please schedule tours around the Leadership Academy schedule.

          3. Participate in after-conference activities via e-mail and present leadership materials or serve as a leadership resource to your local chapter (as well as regional and state association if extended the opportunity).

          BPA Day of Service Project

          All participants of the National Secondary and Post-secondary Leadership Academy must participate in and complete the BPA Day of Service projects.


          Program Presenters: Fran Kick & Frank Crockett - www.kickitin.com/bpa

          Middle Level Leadership Kick-Off
          Middle Level participants attending NLC are automatically enrolled. Pre-registration is not required. We encourage all Middle Level participants to attend!

          Date: Wednesday, May 9-4:00 pm-6:00 pm
          Location: Grapevine Ballroom D

          Program Objectives

          • Introduce students to individual leadership competencies and how to relate them to real-life situations.
          • Build an organizational leadership orientation and how to develop leadership in yourself.
          • Participate in experiential hands-on team-building activities.
          • Reflect and learn from your own as well as other peoples experiences.
          • Discover more leadership opportunities for yourself and others.



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