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          WSAP Competitions

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          The Workplace Skills Assessment Program is an integral part of Business Professionals of America. The goal of the program is to provide all business students with the opportunity to demonstrate workplace skills learned through business education curricula. Students prepare for and compete in contests in over 90 categories, under five Assessment Areas including Finance, Business Administration, Management Information Systems, Digital Communication & Design, and Management, Marketing, & Communication.

          Students begin with a Regional competition. The top qualifiers compete at State conference, and finally, those ranked the best of the best compete at the National Leadership Conference in May of each year. Competitions range from individual to team, from objective tests to judged presentations. 

          Contest registration is based on state-level competition results. If your student qualifies for an event, register the student for the event. Students who qualify must be registered for NLC and the event in order to compete at the national level. The State Advisor determines final contest qualifications.

          Contest Deletions and Substitutions

          Contest deletions and substitutions may be made after April 1, 2018 by contacting Dustin Devers, Director of Education (ddevers@bpa.org OR 614-895-7277) by April 6, 2018. After April 6, all substitutions must be made by the State Advisor prior to 6:00 pm on Wednesday, May 9, 2018 at the National Leadership Conference in the Competitive Events Center located in the Gaylord Texan Convention Center: Dallas 1-2. Please note that substitutions for events requiring pre-submissions of materials must be completed prior to March 28, 2018 as students for these events must be registered to compete before their pre-submission is received.


          Conflicts may be resolved by Local Advisors in the Competitive Events Center located in the Gaylord Texan Convention Center: Dallas 1-2 prior to 6:00 pm on Wednesday, May 9, 2018. Conflict resolutions are made on a first-come, first-served basis. Only those conflicts caused by two concurrently scheduled BPA competitive events will be resolved. Judged events cannot be rescheduled outside of the scheduled event time frames.

          Competitive Event Reminders

          Only contest participants and authorized personnel will be allowed at the event site locations. Students may be disqualified if their advisor is in the event room and the advisor is not an administrator, proctor, or authorized competitive events personnel.

          Conference name badge and wristband must be worn to all contests.

          Do not schedule any tour or meal functions during students’ contest time. Remember, if students are competing in a judged or hands-on event, you will need to keep their schedule free to potentially compete in the finals of that event.

          No tour refunds are given due to conflicts with scheduled events or finals.

          For those contests using online submission, submissions must be received by 11:59 pm Eastern Time on April 1, 2018.


          The top ten (10) scores in each contest or all finalists (whichever is greater) will be recognized. These individuals/teams will be called on stage to receive medallions. The top three individuals will then be announced and will receive plaques. Teams placing first, second, or third will receive plaques.

          Professional attire must be worn for all contests. Refer to the Dress Code Policy for details.

          Please note, for events which require a “contestant number”, this is the 10-digit membership number provided on the online registration Member List. The Member List can be obtained online at www.registermychapter.com/bpamem. To access, log-in, click Step: 1 and “List All”.

          Refer to the WSAP Guidelines located online at http://www.bpa.org/compete/downloadcenter for information regarding the use of a contestant’s own computer.




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