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          NLC Secondary Division Business Meeting

          Contributed by Business Professionals of America

          Would you like learn more about the future leaders of our organization? Then you should come check out our National Officer Team elections at the National Leadership Conference!

          At the NLC, we have the rare privilege of slating the next National Officer Team. Whether you are a voting delegate or regular member, learning about this process can help enhance your BPA experience!

          On Friday, May 8th, the Secondary Division Business Meeting will begin at 5:00 pm in the Marriott Marquis North and Center Ballroom. At the Business Meeting, all members have the opportunity to listen to speeches from the National Officer Candidates. If a primary is necessary, all Secondary members will have a vote! Secondary Division members, you should plan on attending the Business Meeting to take part in the election process!

          Immediately following the Business Meeting, the Campaign Rally will occur in the Marquis Ballroom South. At the rally, you will have the opportunity to ask the candidates specific questions, get to know them a little better, and take a look at their election materials! Some members will ask the candidates fun questions- such as “if you could be a part of a train, which part would you be and why?” Other members will ask serious questions, like “How do you plan to have a positive impact on our organization?” No matter what your question is, it is important that you take advantage of this opportunity to aide our organization in picking our future leaders.

          After the Campaign Rally, if a primary is warranted, all Secondary members will be able to vote. At that time, the results will be tabulated, and the top ten candidates will move on to the caucuses, which are exclusively for voting delegates from each state. Feel free to get to know the candidates beforehand, and then communicate some ideas to your voting delegates! They are there to represent you and your State Association.

          The Post-Secondary Business Meeting will occur at 8:00 pm on Friday in the Marriott Orange County Ballroom. Immediately following the meeting, the Campaign Rally will occur in the same ballroom. Once again, we encourage all Post-Secondary members to attend these events to learn a little more about the future leaders of BPA!

          No matter what your reason is for being a member of BPA, or your reason for being at NLC, the National Officer Elections are a great opportunity for all members to learn about the election process and formation of our organization’s leadership. If you have any questions, feel free to contact any members of the National Officer Team, and we look forward to seeing you all at NLC very soon!

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