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        Hall of Fame

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        This award is given annually to recognize those individuals who have made significant contributions at the national level to Business Professionals of America, formerly the Office Education Association (OEA). 
        To discover more about the Hall of Fame Award, please visit http://www.bpa.org/service/bpacares.


        2018 Recipients
        Clay Long

        2017 Recipients
        Diana Weber
        James Zimmer


        2016 Recipients
        Eric Swenson, Montana
        Barbara Trent, Ohio

        2015 Recipients
        Ron Draayer, Michigan
        Jacklyn J. Schiller, Minnesota 

        2014 Recipients
        Betty Hazlett, Indiana
        John Ross, Wisconsin
        Patrick Schultz, Michigan

        2013 Recipients

        Dr. Brenda Jacobsen, Idaho

        Nancy McAfee, Minnesota
        Karen Schmohe, Ohio

        2012 Recipients

        Ken Bourbina, Michigan
        Kim Simpson, Oklahoma

        2011 Recipients

        Lisa Stoner-Torbert, Delaware

        2010 Recipients

        Kathie O'Brien, Idaho
        Glenna Pyzik, Illinois

        2009 Recipients

        Judy McKinstry, Massachusetts
        Angie Neal, Idaho
        Sherrell Wheeler, Texas

        2008 Recipients
        Rick Mangini, Ohio
        Roger Rankin, Idaho

        2007 Recipients
        Beverly Williams, Florida

        2006 Recipients
        Michael Sailes, Illinois
        Vickie Thomas, Texas

        2005 Recipient

        Maurice S. Henderson, State Advisor, Michigan

        2004 Recipients

        Steve Darnell, Indiana
        H. Roger Fulk, Ohio

        2003 Recipient

        Bill Aldrin, Ohio

        2002 Recipient

        Debbie DeFrancesco Halvorson, Illinois

        2001 Recipients

        Betty Clark, Ohio
        Dan Petersen, Idaho
        Debbie Paul, Ohio

        2000 Recipient

        Pat DiPlacido, Minnesota

        1999 Recipient

        Korlyn Williams, Idaho

        1998 Recipient

        Jack W. Sullivan, Minnesota

        1997 Recipient

        Dr. Truman Jackson, Minnesota

        1996 Recipient

        Robert K. Gordon, Texas

        1995 Recipient

        John L. Adams, Illinois

        1994 Recipient
        Everett Wayne Fuller, Texas

        1993 Recipient
        Dr. William Dross, Ohio

        1992 Recipient
        Vern Fennell, Iowa

        1991 Recipient

        Robert Madson, Minnesota

        1990 Recipient

        James R. Murray, Wisconsin

        1989 Recipient

        Elmer Bittleston, Idaho


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