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        Outstanding Service Award

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        This award is given annually to recognize those individuals who have dedicated time and effort to promote the objectives of career/technical student organizations/Business Professionals of America or provided outstanding service to BPA at the National level. To discover more about the Outstanding Service Award, please visit http://www.bpa.org/service/bpacares.


        2017 Recipients

        Sue is one of the most valuable advisors and Iowa State BPA Board members. She who works as a team player to accomplish what it takes to organize and put on a state leadership conference.  Putting in extra time and effort along with attention to detail are some of her most admired attributes.

        Ms. Guthrie has consistently worked on behalf of BPA to ensure that the long-standing partnership that has been in place between BPA and the AICPA continues to thrive and offer support to the thousands of students and advisors that make up our organization.

        Ms. Angie Lightcap-Hewes has been a continuously supportive member BPA for the past 20 years as a local chapter advisor at Smyrna High Schooland Polytech High School in Delaware. During her time as a BPA advisor, Ms. Hewes has shown dedication to the organization in countless ways.

        Mrs. Wyble has served in many capacities on the local, Regional and State levels during her tenure in BPA. Sharon has been involved as a local chapter advisor since BPA was OEA. She began her career in BPA as local chapter advisor in the late 1970’s. She has dedicated countless hours to the students and BPA Program at Stephenson High School and the Michigan BPA State Association.

        2016 Recipients

        2015 Recipients


        2014 Recipients


        2013 Recipients
        Heather Bunning, AICPA - North Carolina
        Kelly Williams, Michigan

        2012 Recipients

        2011 Recipient
        Clay Long, Idaho
        Lois Flaig, Minnesota

        2010 Recipient

        Brian Gurule, New Mexico

        2009 Recipient

        Mildred Woerndel, Texas

        2008 Recipient

        Ron Draayer, Michigan
        Debra Jones, Iowa
        Ellen Long, Alaska
        Kathy O'Brien, Idaho

        2007 Recipient

        Brenda Jacobsen, Idaho

        2006 Recipient

        Angie Neal, Idaho

        2005 Recipient

        Pam Allender
        Mable Burchfield, Tennessee
        Colleen Hunt, Iowa
        Rebecca Simons
        Sherrell Wheeler, Texas
        Rita Young, Tennessee

        2004 Recipients

        Robin Goff, Texas
        Darrell Muck, Idaho
        Dorothy M. (Goodman) Palmer, Missouri

        2003 Recipients

        Janet Garrett,
        Marjorie Gillespie, New Mexico
        Bonnie Manns, Ohio
        Vickie Thomas, TX

        2002 Recipient
        James A. Urness, Wisconsin

        2001 Recipient
        LeAnn Snyder, Ohio

        2000 Recipients
        Lois Chipperfield, Ohio
        Don Smith, Iowa
        Barbara Steele, Wisconsin

        1999 Recipients
        Paul Davis
        Phil Myers
        Joyce Smith
        Marla Stello
        James Zimmer, Wisconsin

        1998 Recipients
        David F. Fong, California
        Larry Kantrud, Minnesota
        Theresa TenEyck, Idaho

        1997 Recipients
        Mike Cashman, Washington
        Trudy Formanek, Montana
        Patty Housh, Montana
        Dr. Kathy Lasater, Tennessee

        1996 Recipient
        Sharon Souder, Ohio

        1995 Recipients

        Mary Hite, Delaware
        Lynn Wells, Ohio

        1994 Recipients
        Robert K. Gordon, Texas
        Gay Sweet Harris, Texas
        Marie Maddox, Texas
        Gladys Renick, Wisconsin
        Mildred Woerndel, Texas

        1993 Recipients

        Roger Fulk, Ohio
        Bonnie Herr, Minnesota
        Rita Johnson, Kansas
        Karen Lutes, Kansas

        1992 Recipients

        Dorothy Baum, Texas
        Dr. William Dross, Ohio
        Barbara L. Portzen, Wisconsin
        Billie E. Scott, Kansas
        Morgan B. Wright, Wisconsin

        1991 Recipients
        Suevonne Carlson, Minnesota
        Charlotte Coomer, Ohio
        Dave McCabe, Minnesota
        Marion Reed, Montana
        Korlyn Williams, Alaska

        1990 Recipients
        Dr. Sarah Bell, Delaware
        Steve Darnell, Delaware
        Beth Fogelsong, Ohio
        Dr. Marianne Frye, Wisconsin
        Sharon A. Sharrett, Indiana

        1989 Recipients
        Peggy A. Demgen, Wisconsin
        Charles Geick
        Nancy Perkins, Massachusetts
        Gladys Renick, Wisconsin
        Bea Wells, Ohio




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