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          Patriotism Activities

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          Patriotism 701 5 Lead the Pledge of Allegiance at a Business Professionals of America local chapter function (you must be the actual leader, not just a participant) (identify the function)  1 (S)(PS)(ML)
          Patriotism 702 10 Demonstrate or explain the proper procedure for displaying and caring for the U.S. flag (identify circumstances and involvement)  1 (S)(PS)(ML)
          Patriotism 703 10 Participate in a patriotic parade; does not include homecoming (this must be a patriotic parade; merely being an observer does not qualify) (identify involvement and parade)  2 (S)(PS)(ML)
          Patriotism 704 10 Participate in a political activity outside of Business Professionals of America (this does not include activities such as homecoming) (identify involvement and activity)  3 (S)(PS)(ML)
          Patriotism 705 10 Participate in an informative political session (this does not include being an observer only) (identify involvement and activity)  1 (S)(PS)(ML)
          Patriotism 706 10 Observe legal proceedings of a court session; does not include TV programs (identify session and topics) 1 (S)(PS)(ML)
          Patriotism 707 10 Attend a city council meeting  1 (S)(PS)(ML)
          Patriotism 708 10 Attend a school board meeting 1 (S)(PS)(ML)
          Patriotism 709 10 Attend a county, state, or national legislative session, hearing, or committee meeting; does not include TV programs (identify the session and topic)  1 (S)(PS)(ML)
          Patriotism 710 10 Contact a state or national elected official on a current legislative issue (identify the method of contact, individual, and the topic)  2 (S)(PS)(ML)
          Patriotism 711 15 Vote in a local (city-wide) government election or a mock related activity (does not include school elections such as homecoming) (identify the activity)  1 (S)(PS)(ML)
          Patriotism 712 15 Vote in a state government election or a mock related activity (identify the activity)  1 (S)(PS)(ML)
          Patriotism 713 10 Speak at a public patriotic event (identify event, involvement and topic) 1 (S)(PS)(ML)
          Patriotism 714 10 Perform a patriotic song (singing or instrumental) at a local event (identify event and involvement)  1 (S)(PS)(ML)
          Patriotism 715 15 Vote in a national government election or mock related activity (identify the activity) 1 (S)(PS)(ML)
          Patriotism 716 5 Observe free enterprise in action by visiting a company (identify company and what observed) 1 (S)(PS)(ML)
          Patriotism 717 5 Attend an ethnic festival (identify the involvement and activity)  1 (S)(PS)(ML)
          Patriotism 718 5 Visit an art museum, natural history museum, or similar facility (identify museum and what observed) 1 (S)(PS)(ML)
          Patriotism 719 5 Attend a community patriotic, historical or cultural event (identify the event and circumstances) 3 (S)(PS)(ML)
          Patriotism 720 5 Take a virtual tour of an historical building or area (identify the building or area and what was observed) 2 (S)(PS)(ML)
          Patriotism 721 10 Tour a historical building or area (identify the building or area and what was observed)  2 (S)(PS)(ML)
          Patriotism 722 10 Design, prepare, and put up a patriotic display (identify purpose, type, and where placed) 2 (S)(PS)(ML)
          Patriotism 723 5 Participate in local festival parade 2 (S)(PS)(ML)
          Patriotism 724 10 Participate in an activity that supports US Military or US Military families.  2 (S)(PS)(ML)
          Patriotism 725 10 Perform the National Anthem (Identify the function) 2 (S)(PS)(ML)
          Patriotism 726 15 Present at a school board meeting (cannot be used in conjunction with Patriotism: 708) 1 (S)(PS)(ML)
          Patriotism 727 15 Present at a city council meeting (cannot be used in conjunction with Patriotism: 707) 1 (S)(PS)(ML)
          Patriotism 750 5 Miscellaneous: any patriotic, cultural, or historical activity not specified in the above codes (identify activity completely)  2 (S)(PS)(ML)

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