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          Torch Awards FAQ

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          If you have questions about the Torch Awards system or problems, please review the questions and answers below or e-mail bpamembership@bpa.org.

          Where can I get the Torch Awards handbook? What is in the handbook?
          Click here to download the 2018-2019 Torch Awards handbook. The handbook includes a full, detailed description of the program, a list of roles for each person involved in the program, detailed instructions for the online Torch Awards system, and a list of all Torch Award activities.

          Where is the online system?
          Go here to log into the online Torch Award System: http://www.bpa.org/service/torchsystem.

          How do I log into the online system?

          • Advisors and State Advisors: Use your standard Membership Registration System username and password.
          • Students: Use your member ID (in the form XX-XX-XXXX, with dashes) and the password your advisor set for you when they entered you into the Membership Registration System at the beginning of the year.

          I don't know my students' user IDs/passwords!

          1. As an advisor, go to the Membership Registration System and log in using your normal username and password.
          2. If you have multiple chapters, you'll need to choose a chapter.
          3. On the main screen, click "Enter/View your members."
          4. Edit a student to see their username and to see or set their password.

          It still won't let me log in!
          Make sure to choose the correct "I am a..." role from the dropdown box.

          Why does the resume say "unsubmitted"?
          Although students input their own activities, advisors are responsible for SUBMITTING the completed resumes. The advisor logs in, use the "List all eligible for..." button relating to the award they want to submit for, Click the "activities" link for a student to review their activities. Click the "submit" link for a student to go to the submit string.

          It says I don't have enough points for an award but I know I do!
          Ensure that you have points in ALL SEVEN categories, not just six.

          How will I know if I got the award?
          After submitting, the status of the resume will say "Unreviewed." Once it is reviewed, it will change to either "Approved" or "Rejected."

          When will my award be reviewed?
          It varies based on level. For Ambassador, they are reviewed throughout the month of March and into April after the deadline.

          Can I resubmit before the deadline if my resume is rejected?
          Yes, if your resume is rejected you can work on it and resubmit it before the deadline.

          What is the deadline for Torch Award resumes?
          For 2017, the Ambassador deadline is April 1. For other levels, check with your State Advisor.

          Do I have to earn a Statesman or other lower level award first in order to get the Ambassador award?
          No. A lower level award is not required as part of getting the Ambassador Award.

          Can I carry over activities from year to year?
          As long as you haven't won the Ambassador award with that resume, you can carry it on within the same BPA Division (i.e. Middle Level, Secondary or Post-secondary). For your convenience, at the beginning of the membership year, when your advisor adds you in the membership system, instead of clicking the "Add New Member" button, use the three links that say "Import Members From Last Year's Torch Awards," "Import Member from Another Chapter for Torch Awards," and "Import Torch Awards for a member that has already been added."

          I imported activities from last year and the codes don't match!
          We change and improved activities between years. If you imported the activities, it is fine to use last year's code descriptions for those imported activities. You will not be penalized for it.

          Can I earn more than one Ambassador award?
          You can earn up to one Ambassador award per year. You have to start your resume over after each Ambassador award.

          What is the Ambassador of the Year award?
          The top points-earning Ambassador winner each year in each division wins an Ambassador of the Year award. These winners are recognized individually during the National Leadership Conference.

          How many points does it take to win Ambassador of the Year?
          It varies from year to year. It is often over 1500 but it could be potentially higher than that.



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